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CLair Fordyce CLair Fordyce
anatomically accurate and life sized.
It was a gift for my son who_ studying to become a chiropractor ; anatomically accurate and life sized.
Carlos Ruiz Carlos Ruiz
Cool product
Product arrived intact, although heavily damaged box, indicating a very sturdy structure. Poster comes in a foreign Asian language (one I do not understand), but the diagrams on said poster appear to be accurate - properly identifying the vertebrae and innervations. So although illegible to me, the model and poster will serve as very useful educational tools. - CR
Suz Suz
Good Quality!
The model is sturdy, flexible and large enough to see from a distance for presentations. Very pleased with the quality.
Korey Korey
Great quality
This was shipped quickly and I am very pleased with the quality of the product. I ordered 2 for my office and both myself and my Associate Doctor really like the color coding that gives us the ability to better educate our patients!
Ernesto Ernesto
Life size
Hi my name is Ernesto O.I really like this product I was looking through a lot of model spines because I'm studying to be a chiropractor this is a life size spine that's flexible has a sturdy stand and also has the spinal and nervous system running through the spine including the arteries in the neck it comes with a poster showing you the cervical, thoracic and Lumbar sections this is a perfect model for studying Best Buy on the market!
Rebecca Rebecca
Better quality than I thought it would be given the price
I was impressed at the quality for the price. I would definitely recommend.I have priced a lot of different spines over a years time, and honestly the only thing I would ideally want different would be some _njuries in the spine since I am using it as a learning tool for clients.
Vevor Human Skeleton Anatomical Model 85cm Medical Anatomy W/ Nerves And Vessels
erwin erwin
Good box damage
Well worth the money!
Very nice material, bendable, colors show each region. Nice product well worth the money. Comes with stand.
Brittany Brittany
Great buy
Sturdy and perfect for office use
LuckyCharms LuckyCharms
Cheap, accurate, but stiff
It's pretty inflexible and C1 is fused to the occiput. It did help me understand arthrokinematics a little better but I don't really see myself using this very frequently because of the stiffness. Good price point though.
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