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Kimberly Wells Kimberly Wells
We love it!
We ordered this to be able to run a water hose across driveway of our farm business. It works perfectly for that and has the added bonus of being an excellent speed bump which has slowed down traffic beside our house. Win! win!
A Reviewer A Reviewer
Inexpensive and very sturdy
We recently bought 2 of these to cover pipe hoses and prevent a trip hazard. They work great, and accept anything up to a 2.5" diameter. Which this is 2" hose. The yellow marking is easy to see, even at night. Customer was very happy.
alex alex
Slightly U shape bend
Works well for its intended purpose, the yellow cover bends up slightly on the ends making a U shape.
wayne wayne
Great buy
I_e seen the strips at the workplace for many years I just scratch the court across the driveway I looked at these and I was very pleased when they arrive they were a rubber material and able to drive over with my heavy vehicle looking forward to using this year after year season to season
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S. Snow S. Snow
Does the job for a fair price!
Yes, initially they smell strongly of rubber, but that is what they are made of! We are using for some wires and hoses across a shop floor and these were less expensive, but still functional. I think they compare well with some of the name brands that are 2x or more in cost.We just bought a second set.
D. Oldham D. Oldham
Great value for price!
These were a great purchase and have stood up to driving a lift over them, so I_ happy!Smell is a little strong at first but goes away after a few weeks.
Beth Lawrence Beth Lawrence
Major Broadcast company and we LOVE these
Bought a large amount of these. No problem at all. Parked a broadcast truck on them, all good. Ran 200 ft no problem and stay put on all surface,never slide. Thy work as well as our expensive ones, but you have to use your brain when using any type. They do have limitation and you need to understand weigh has to be spread out, not all in one spot. They need to be layer out straight. If you arch them, you will run into issues.In our opinion, these are one of the best buys out there, but do keep in mind they are $20, not $100 Well worth the money
Terri C. Terri C.
Worked great for our needs
Bought this to cover cords at a museum. Brings attention to people walking in the area so they don't trip.
Moses Moses
Height Clearance Issue
I just installed one to concrete (used concrete screws to hold in place) and there's plenty of room for two 3/4" garden hoses with room left over. They appear to be well constructed, but I have no history of of their performance over time.However, they do not work for my purposes because I have to travel over them with my powered wheelchair; it high-centers on the ramp (my chair has a clearance of 1 1/2 inches). The high point of the ramp is 1 3/4" so I can make a run at it, but that's not good for the chair or the ramp. I'll figure it out, but out-of-the-box you could have the same issue with accessibility. Discover your clearance issues before purchasing; I didn't ?
Scott Purcell Scott Purcell
Nice and rugged.
These things are great. I use them to route mic cables for my band. They are so much cheaper than anywhere else I've looked. They are quite heavy and very rugged. I might buy more.

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