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Jon Ruthenbeck Jon Ruthenbeck
Quality Product!!!
Absolutely wonderful product. I spent the same amount on a cheap molded plastic cable protectors which didn’t work two years ago. These are definitely worth the $$$$$.
Matthew R. Matthew R.
Heavy Duty and Flexible
We bought these cable ramps to protect our RV cable, which runs across the driveway from our house to our camper, where it’s parked on the opposite side of the driveway. Our driveway has a few cracks, leaving it a bit uneven, but this heavy duty rubber molded to the shape of the driveway perfectly and provided a perfect conduit for the RV cable. Now, we’re able to drive over the cable in to the garage with no problems and with no risk of damage to the cable. I would definitely recommend this product!
David Monath David Monath
Works great
Exactly what I had expected and my large 3/4” cables fit just rigt
Wenk M. Wenk M.
Schnelle Lieferung.
Evan Gamble Lewis Evan Gamble Lewis
Quality with lots of room
Arrived way earlier than it was supposed to. Excellent quality. One panel is missing a metal rod keeping the back and yellow hinges together, but it's not a big deal to me. They lock together beautifully and have tons of space within the 2 wire canals. You can probably fit 3 thick extension cords in each canal. Or one 30amp cord in each canal. Highly recommend.
william morris william morris
worked for our purpose
use them in our christmas light display where we have to roll the trash cans each week over and for safety walking around display
Torsten Hesse Torsten Hesse
Vollkommen ausreichend
Für den Preis kann man absolut nicht meckern. Würde den Artikel erneut hier kaufen.
Perfect for garden hose protection
We've been using these protectors outdoors for 18 months so far. Other than some fading of color, they're holding up great! They get driven over nearly every day by USP and FedEx trucks, as well as our cars and tractor. As you can see from my photo, they will flex a bit for uneven roads or pathways. They stay in place when driven over and we've never had to reposition them. I highly recommend these for garden hoses or electrical cords.
3pcs 2-cable Rubber Warehouse Vehicle Electrical Wire Cover Ramp Protector Snake
Christopher D. Dudley Christopher D. Dudley
As others have noted, the box was damaged upon arrival but that's because these things are BEEFY!!! They need a better box is all. They say "rubber" but it's not like flexible rubber. More a hard composite plastic. But they are amazing! I fit an air line and a cord in the two channels and there's room for WAY more! These will last forever in my shop. Great price too. A third of the price than the others I found.
3pcs 2-cable Rubber Warehouse Vehicle Electrical Wire Cover Ramp Protector Snake

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