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Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
Strong and durable cable protector
Easy to use as the cables just drop right in and are easy to remove as well. Strong, durable and well made.Just like they informed the cable protector retain a heavy manufactured rubber smell that doesn't go away quickly. This is the only drawback.
ken kaplan ken kaplan
hence the crew is much happier using them
They worked as promised. We use them in our trailer base camp on a television show. They are much lighter than the ones we normally use, hence the crew is much happier using them. I like the fact that they are easier to use and are less expensive than the 5 channel crossovers that have been the norm for so long.
Debs Debs
Cannot beat this deal.
Excellent value and quality. Had a couple of defects in the pieces and the supplier was fantastic regarding response and solution.
Anthony Anzalone Anthony Anzalone
Great Product.
Great value for the money. These things are no joke. They are very durable and on the weighty side so they will not move around on the floor. I wouldn't doubt it being able to support a car driving over it. They do interlock easily but they do not "snap" together. They are manufactured from a commercial grade plasic so they do have an odor which I think is typical for this type of material.
Unclejoe Unclejoe
Great deal
Excellent price
Jonathan T. Jonathan T.
These are sturdy and seem like they would hold up to abuse ...
Purchased for an area with high foot traffic where cables needed to be. The multiple channels are helpful for sorting/prioritizing cabling, or (as in my case) for keeping sensitive data cables away from high voltage cables. They are robust enough that even a single one in a walkway doesn't tend to shift as people walk over it. These are sturdy and seem like they would hold up to abuse greatly exceeding that generated by foot traffic.
great quality and decent price
used to protect power cable to our travel home across our driveway. if you ever had to replace a power supply for RV it is not cheap. Works great and because of the yellow safety paint, people tend not to run over it unless they have to
bbrumley bbrumley
Decent product for price paid. Connectors do not handle ...
Decent product for price paid. Connectors do not handle heavy traffic well but it light traffic areas it performs well enough. I would purchase again.
Best Mix Event Support Best Mix Event Support
They look great and will suit my purpose for them. I wish the hinge was a little better made. I don't care about the smell because I will using outside for Festivals and Concerts
Redfish Robotics Redfish Robotics
Heavy Duty Quality at a very fair price.
We used these for our regional FIRST Robotics event, and they functioned perfectly, even with heavy robot carts rolling over them all day. Maybe not as high-traffic as some larger public events, however, they are very heavy duty, and hard to imagine them failing in all but heavy commercial use, which we don't think they were designed for. Also, considering other cable covers in this class can cost as much for one as these cost for a 3-pack, you can't beat the price.
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