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VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
Works great. Arrived early.
Clear instructions for set up but definitely do your research before firing it up. Gloves are functional but you probably want something better.
Lyndon Lyndon
4 kg
Great Product, needs a little extra
This is a good base product, getting you all the major parts of a furnace for less than your are likely to buy them seprately. I watched a few reviews before ordering this. I am happy to see some things have been fixed such as retention hooks for the insulation in the lid. The unit and regulator are very good for the price. The ceramic blanket and fire brick seem decent quality. I added an additional layer of ceramic blanket to the lid, this may not have been necessary but helped seal the unit. Biggest issue is the lack or Pre-Applied or included Ceramic hardner. This should be included as without treating the fibre its releases very dangerous fibres during use and its likely to be easily damaged. On top of the hardner, a furnace cement would be nice, not required but nice to make it more durable. The included tongs are almost useless, only any good for dropping metal into the crucible. you will need to make or purchase crucible lifting tongs and pouring tongs. I made mine out of the 20mm flat bar for very cheap.
Johan Johan
4 kg
Amazed with the quality of the furnace and the equipment it comes with.
Crucible size is perfect for good copper pour, and less gas is required to melt it. Even though the brass pieces don't match my country, it comes with a large hose and teflon tape so it takes 2 minutes to connect. Very satisfied with this product!
Patrick butler Patrick butler
Perfect startup kit
Bought this to delve into aluminum casting and it has been great. The instructions need work, but YouTube fixes that.
10 kg
VEVOR Propane Melting Furnace
The furnace itself is not to bad, they should include Rigidizer. My Biggest gripe (and I expected it) is the regulator is not set up for the us made propane tanks. I had to change the brass fitting on the regulator to match the usa style tank.

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