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Steven Steven
10 L
Have only used it once, worked well
I bought this to clean bike parts. I have only used it once so far and it worked great. I put my drive chain in the cleaner and 40 minutes later it was clean. The only issue I had was that I needed to change outlets as the initial surge when I turned it on tripped the ground fault breaker on the first outlet I used. It does take a while for the cleaning solvent to get to temperature. It was still going up at the end of the cleaning cycle. I used water and a little Simple Green as the solvent.
Tinkerer Tinkerer
0.8 L
Worked great to clean some model engine mufflers that had become heavily stained. Using plain distilled water had little cleaning power but when a proper solution of 'Sensitive metals ultrasonic solution' supplied by was used it worked great. One part to 10 parts distilled water.
3 L
Great piece of kit - delivered on time
Bought this in the UK - TBH when I got the PayPal receipt I panicked and began searching the web for reviews and to check if Vevor were legitimate or another Shopify scam. Well, they are not - I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Great price, item delivered as expected and far sooner than expected - it was within 4 days! Well done Vevor!
Ruwi Furth Ruwi Furth
3 L
Vielen Dank
Super schnell.... Habe gleich meine Vergaser von Motorrad geholt um die sache zu testen und Reinigung war mehr als zufrieden Als ersten versuch das es überhaupt funktioniert hat der Ehering der sache hier standhalten müssen. Kann ich nur empfehlen und weitersagen echt top
Steve Booth Steve Booth
2 L
How did I manage before?
Not a 100% vitally necessary item but one which has made some jobs much easier, cleaner and far more efficient. There is a knack to making best use of it though. Use preheated water and put smaller items in smaller container your cleaning solution and that way you can use plain water in the main tank and not contaminate the tank with grease, oil etc. Using small containers does NOT affect the cleaning action. Cracking piece of kit if used correctly and at price that doesn't break the bank. Just make sure you buy big enough for all your uses otherwise buyer regret slips in. I judged mine just about spot on; big enough to clean my CPAP water container.
David David
10 L
It's affordable and it cleans
This isn't a high-end professional ultrasonic cleaner, but it's way more affordable and "good enough" for most uses outside of a lab. I bought it to clean flux residue off circuit boards and my first attempt went extremely well.I used about 350mL of Chemtronics Flux-Off with 1 gallon of distilled water. The specs for Flux-Off recommends running at 60degC, but the water only got up to 45degC at the end of a 30 minute cycle. I likely could have let it run for an hour first to let it warm up fully and de-gas the solution, but I was anxious to try it out. Despite running below spec, the PCB came out clean.The cleaner came with a drain hose and adapter, but I need a smaller hose to fit through the opening in a 5 gallon jug that I got from ULINE. I ended up getting a brass 3/8" thread to 3/8" barb adapter and a 1/2" hose. At the end of the cycle, I just opened the valve and everything drained into the waste jug. Very convenient!I really should have used deionized water instead of just distilled. The distilled water left a few water spots, which DI is less likely to do. I'm planning to get a 4-stage RO/DI filtration system to make my own DI water instead of buying it online.Overall, I'm very happy with this. As long as you don't expect a industrial-grade piece of equipment, I think you'll be happy too.
Billy Nichol Billy Nichol
10 L
This thing is a monster.. We had an old meat grinder we needed to get cleaned up. The heat function on this outdoes the fact that my smaller cleaner doesn't heat. It really helps break gunk down and pull it off the parts. Old meat grinder came out gunk free and functioned extremely well on first try. It wouldn't even turn before we put it through a cycle in this tank.It is big enough to fit lots of stuff in. Highly recommend
Gabriele Lange Gabriele Lange
10 L
Ich bin total zufrieden!
15 L
My comment is for 15l and i can say that the product is awersome!!!!it heats slow but it cleans perfectly.i can say trully that it deserves the money to buy it for sure!!!
ibostan ibostan
2 L
For jewelry & watch parts is astoning good. The price is better. P.S. Now size of the product I need to clean is not suitable to my bath tank, that means I need the 6l cleaner.

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