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eGyrl eGyrl
Beautiful Sound and Resonance
I really didn't like the color it matches my furniture to the "T" which is not what I wanted as it blends right into it but everything else makes up for it. So I kept it.Pros:1) It has beautiful sound.2) I love the Resonance3) It is pretty loud and the sound carries when using the provided mallots. If you use different mallots the sound will change.4) Cute Mini Kalimba was sent as a gift.5) Has a storage bag/carrying case.I have purchased 3 different drums. One of which was the same size and notes of this one. I honestly wish I could return it. It sounds so tangey, has a weird reverb and sounds off. I tried tuning it and haven't had much success. I bought that one direct from China and I would rather have purchased that here, as this product sounds beautiful and was tuned.Cons:1) The smell.It came with a very chemical smell. It was inside of the bag and on the drum itself. It didn't go away for days. So, I put a couple of incense sticks into the bag and I closed it. I left it there for a couple of weeks and the smell disappeared. I haven't removed the incense sticks as it just adds to the Zen feel.2) The rubber feetThe Rubber Feet under the drum can come off so be careful with that if you have young children or pets. I have considered gluing them in place but haven't tried that yet.3) Music SheetsI am still in search of where to find music sheets for this instrument, although it sounds wonderful to just bang on it, it would be nice to be able to play songs that I know. The music book that comes with it contains songs I have never heard of which is a given coming from China.Despite the Cons, I still give this 5 stars, as I have said I bought 3 of these things and this is by far has the most beautiful sound and resonance. I didn't expect you could buy duds of this type of instrument but you certainly can. This one is a winner in my book and would be money well spent.Oh and my children gravitate towards this drum and not the other 2 I purchased for them. Apparently even children can tell the difference in sound. They want to play the better one.
Jay Burns Jay Burns
Excellent Drum! Great Seller!
I love the drum! After shipping issue, the seller was very helpful in resolving issue. Prompt responses!
sunshine sunshine
I love the tones. Whether I ever learn to play is not relative. The tones soothe.
Joe  Sue Joe Sue
Quality product
Our adult children loved these drums and it was great to watch them unwrap them and play them. Bought 2 of them.
Great Drum
This was a Christmas gift for my girls. I bought two drums and this one is by far the favorite. Because it's larger, they have an easier time playing it, but it is also because it has pretty rich tones.
Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
glad with purchase
Beautiful color and sound. am very happy with it. Drum comes in a nice protective case. Very nice .
Mystic Seeker Mystic Seeker
Great lightweight go-anywhere tongue drum
Love this product! I have a much larger steel tongue drum which is that portable. What I like about this tongue drum is it_ small, compact size which allows me to carry it with me everywhere and literally play it in my lap. The drum has a wonderful, resonant sound and comes with a custom carrying case that keeps the drum protected and provides maximum portability. Shipping was very fast and the drum and it_ accessories were packed very well. The packaged accessories with the drum were as advertised by the vendor.
William J. Mcguire William J. Mcguire
9 yr old girl loved this birthday present
We thought it was a good size for the little girl to play and enjoy. First report was that she did have fun playing it. It arrived ahead of her birthday, so it was there in another state in plenty of time. Thanks.
Scoutmaster Scoutmaster
Drum was a success
I bought this for a friend who is a musician, and she was quite pleased with it. Started playing immediately.
Julie M Julie M
Soothing tones!
I have this drum to my husband for Christmas. he loves it! Beautiful soothing tones to de stress your day!

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