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S.Dubble S.Dubble
This motor is a beast.
Wow, I wanted more power then my original 36v 1000w brushed motor was giving me, so I bought this. And still using Li-ion battery but now 14s makes this guy a beast. Went from 20-23mph to now 30-35mph. I need to get a better throttle that is more sensitive because I weigh 250+ lbs and it_ hard to keep the front end down when starting from a complete stop. This motor is no joke when paired with a 1500w 50amp controller.
wscotg wscotg
I plan to buy this motor for other projects soon!
I overvolted my scooter to 36v. The stock motor was not performing very well and was making an electrical burning smell. I decided I needed a bigger motor. After some "YouTube research" I decided on this one. This scooter is so much more fun to ride with the new 500w motor! It's bigger than I expected and took some work to get in place. The torque is nice, and now I can reach 24 mph easily. I plan to buy this same motor for other projects soon! I was offered compensation for my honest review. SG.
36v 800w Electric Motor Speed Controller Pedal Throttle Grip Key Atv Scooter 36v 800w Electric Motor Speed Controller Pedal Throttle Grip Key Atv Scooter 36v 800w Electric Motor Speed Controller Pedal Throttle Grip Key Atv Scooter
Nice Motor
I'm still working on the projects that I'm using these motors for so a 5 star review might be pending but 4 star for now because it's a nice motor and it works fine on the benchtop but haven't had the opertunity to run it on Go karts, scooters, mini bikes or bicycles yet. The only thing that I dont like is the long stiff cord coming off the bottom so I took the motor apart and mounted cord from the side. I still didn't like such a stiff cord so I did away with cord completely and mounted threaded studs and use flexable silicone wire and copper ring terminals instead. The motor still performs well on bechtop.
taryn mortier taryn mortier
So far very impressed.
Using this with a 2000w 48-72v speed control on my kids electric go kart conversion. With 48v 15ah agm battery bank this little guy surprised me with its performance. The sprocket leaves much to be desired (shaft is reverse thread)so you_l have to fab a better/different pitch for bigger heavier duty chains. But time will tell but so far so good.
Luca Luca
Recensione Vevor motore elettrico 12Vdc
Ottima qualit, facilit di installazione molto performante ed efficiente.
Donald Donald
You will need wire and connectors.for length.
I was upset the charger was damaged when it arrived.but was decent in all.
Rejoe Varghese Rejoe Varghese
Not a bad product
The gear that is attached is glued on. I bought this for a DIY project. It took a lot of take the attached gear off.
Bree Bree
Solid build, excellent value.
Nicely machined surfaces, however some vent holes needed cleared/deburred. Will update with long haul full power tests, but initial impression is it's a solid well made motor for the price.
Rach Rach
Has everything you need.
It was a good product.
Austin Austin
Great Value! It rips!
Works great! Showed up fast and packaging was well protected. My go kart rips now! Highly recommend!-AC

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