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Andy S. Andy S.
Great motor - Andrew Sampson
I bought this motor so I could upgrade my razor drift cart. It is an impressive and powerful motor that can move adults around with ease.
Adam L. Adam L.
As described
This motor works overall however it lacks power with a 58v battery. I had to upgrade to an 80v to get any solid power.
Johnny Johnny
Exactly as advertised, wish all were
Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
Incredible power
Wow!!! Been gradually modifying a Razor RSF650 and decided to give this motor a try when finally going brushless. I have to say it has far exceeded my expectation. For the price its impossible to go wrong but I'm pushing almost 17kw peak at 75v 220 amps. Unbelievable to say the least. Highest temperature I've measured is 105F after over an hour run time (low autumn temperatures, would be higher in hot summer). Reaches a top speed of 41.4mph with 1:7.3 gear ratio and 10 inch rims. Easily pulls wheelies and effortlessly burns rubber. With controller in boost mode you really do have to lean over the bars to hold the wheel down and hang on tight. Had to wire an economy switch to my controller to prevent flipping over backwards unexpectedly when accelerating out of tight turns.Very glad I didn't go for a more expensive motor because this one is taking max power from my controller without breaking a sweat. Have been running it for over a month using it daily with no degradation so far. Only down side is it ruined my stock chain within a week!! Stretched it beyond use. I suppose that's a good problem to have though.
Robert Robert
Good complete kit.
Good kit. A little on the cheap side but perfect for tinkering! Wish it came with anotber sprocket and chain.
emperor fegg emperor fegg
Great value
This two pack of motors is an excellent deal. I got them when they were on sale so it was almost a 2 for 1 deal. The extra chain and hardware is an added bonus.
Kyle Carroll Kyle Carroll
Pretty cool
My son really likes it. He likes the fact that he has a key to turn it on and off. And the brake light.
36v 800w Electric Motor Speed Controller Pedal Throttle Grip Key Atv Scooter 36v 800w Electric Motor Speed Controller Pedal Throttle Grip Key Atv Scooter
so much fun so much fun
Great product!!
This item is working perfectly for my project. Gears pre installed on the motors were a bit difficult to get off though even removing the retaining ring. They seem to be glued on but heating up the gear made them easy to remove.
Best brushed 150W motor
Excellent customer service, excellent powerful motor.
Jim Ward Jim Ward
Very accommodating seller!
Package was stolen but they swiftly replaced it for free. The motors work great!

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