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Shawna H. Shawna H.
Good product
Honestly good but the gear didnt fit my bike chain.
Nice motor
The product was exactly as described.
Gerry ONeal Gerry ONeal
I like the motor it's a good heavy well built dependable motor
Jeff A Motz Jeff A Motz
it has plenty of power.
Brandon V Brandon V
Perfect for modders
Used for Razor e300. Fits the deck however you'll need to shave off the kickstand with an angle grinder and drill custom holes.All in all, this is a very good kit. The motor is solid and so is the controls.NOTE// WARNING: if you are not installing a 3 speed switch, please create a harness to short it on High power mode. The controller defaults to mode two and you may think that the kit is defective.
2tonenintendo 2tonenintendo
Lots of Torque
We used this to upgrade a Hyper 350 electric dirt bike that came with a 24v 250w motor so the 36v 500w motor was a HUGE upgrade in torque. Originally the bike was sluggish with my 200lb self on it, now the bike will do a wheelie if you give it full throttle on takeoff. The motor rpm was a good matchup. To complete the project, we had to buy a new motor sprocket, longer chain, an extra 12v battery, a female charging port, and cut up the chassis to fit the bigger motor.
Bryguy Bryguy
Installed into GFD go-kart. WOW!
I ordered this to make my daughters Ground Force Fury drifter cart go faster than the OEM 24V. I will say I will have to get a voltage regulator to dial it down back. The thing frikkin hauls booty. I_ 205lbs, and I can easily do about 22mph. The car is only rated for 140lbs. I could barely get it to move and now I can_ get it to stop!I cannot find any wire diagrams for it, it was not plug and play into the fury, so have a little electrical background before you dive in. To note: the _ower lock connection must be either jumped across itself or like I added the ignition key to power it off. That is pre-battery and basically only turns the accelerator off, not the battery pack like it did with OEM fury. Haven_ tried to put a charge cut off in yet, too busy driving it around lol
Thomas J. Schmidt Thomas J. Schmidt
Sturdy motor
Arrived on time and had an extra sprocket (one light duty and one heavy duty) along with some mounting bolts. Well made and should do the job of upgrading a go kart.TS
Rig Rig
John kernan
this motor is huge compared to the one Iam replacing i ordered two to modify mine and my Brothers, we use them for running up and down the trails to metal detect perfect ?
Product Review Guy Product Review Guy
Good motor, but could be better/easier to use.
I'm a roboticist and engineer, the motor is high quality construction and the motor control unit has A LOT of functionalities, which is great, motor performed as expected, however the output shaft is not a widely used style, and required metric sprockets that were hard to find, even on McMaster Carr, so I ended up getting rid of the original sprocket, and custom milling my own on my CNC machine. The motor works great, the main reasons for 4 and not 5 Stars are the poor output shaft being a non-standard design and the fact it came with literally no manual or instructional booklet, although the wires for the motor controller had Mandarin and English writing saying things like "Break Light" or "Door Lock", I wish it would have come with a electronics manual at the very least so I didn't have to do an hour of diagnosing to determine what each of the many outputs on the motor controller did and whether or not they were essential to get it to run. Besides that, great motor.

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