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Mark Mark
850 W 14 L
Good piece of kit
Above my expectations, lightweight very quiet and fast refill, it's new to me so I can't say long term reliability but from what I seen from it I can recommend it.
FX53 FX53
So Quiet!
A great little compressor that would have got 5 stars if the max pressure of 8 Bar, as advertised, was attainable. The maximum I can get from it is just under 7 Bar, about 95 psi. That being said, it is extremely quiet, very portable, and just about man enough to do what I need it to do.
Jon D Jon D
550 W 9 L
Precision 9L Silent Quiet Dental Medical Clinic Oil Free Air Compressor 550W
Initially I wanted a small air brush compressor which are about £75. I then thought it might be better with a small air tank, these are about £95. It was at this point I came across Vevor Tools and they were doing a 9L Silent compressor for £96. I then had a good look round their extensive tool website and came across the slightly more expensive 9L model at £106. From what I can gather the difference is in the way the machines cycle on and off, with the more expensive model having an electrical based solenoid system as opposed to a mechanical spring loaded air valve. It is not as quiet as claimed but it is very quiet compared to the old school type compressors. I have been using it with both an 18G and 23G pin nailers and it works great. Two things that are not all that great are the power cable is way too short and the pressure relief valve sticks open if you manually activate it and needs to be stripped down and rebuilt before it will seal again. Overall I would say that it is a very capable and competent little machine – Recommended with a score of 8 out of 10
Gabriel Bibart Bulzan Gabriel Bibart Bulzan
750 W 100 L
Good product
Working well recharge with air very fast for me it is a fine product some of the parts need to be tightened more but that’s from transport vibration
alexander alexander
850 W 35 L
air compressor - super quiet
first unit arrived in pieces through the delivery process, but support were quick to organise a replacement, the machine is super quiet and thus far has been a worthy replacement to my old compressor which was three times louder to work with - super quiet motor.
Jerryfix Jerryfix
550 W 9 L
Compressor- great service
Briliant! fast delivery and as described. Well done! I would buy again and can honestly recommend. Thank you
PhilG PhilG
750 W 25 L
Silent air compressor
My first time with one of these compressors, much more silent/quiet than expected. Comes packed for transport you only need to fix the wheels and rubber pads in place, plugin and turn on.
Lm_sky Lm_sky
550 W 9 L
Robustní, kvalitní a celkem pohledné provedení. Příjemně tichý provoz a přijatelná míra vibrací. Dobře zabaleno. Okamžitě expedováno, doručeno během několika dnů. Jsem s kompresorem i s obchodem celkově velmi spokojen. Doporučuji.
Mr. G. Thomas Mr. G. Thomas
750 W 25 L
excellent and very quiet
excellent and very quiet
Andy Andy
750 W 25 L
air compressor
nice compressor. come in time. expected a bit quiter. in description stated its 48dB but its 58dB, which is still good, but now I ned to place in cabinet to make more silent.

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