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Mr G. Mr G.
company responds well
the product was of a good standard and would have been very satisfied with it if I could have got it to workreally choked.
Carlos Roman V_quez Pascual Carlos Roman V_quez Pascual
Es un art_ulo muy bueno, tiene una fuerza muy grande para mover la caravana.
Jan Cheney Jan Cheney
Would not fit on our camper. Not returnable. But company refunded 55%.
Primemitgliedschaft l?schen Primemitgliedschaft l?schen
Ebay ist billiger
Elektrische Rangierhilf Anh?nger St_zrad Trailer Motorised Jockey Wheel JackVEVOR33 BewertungenVerf_bar: Auf LagerProdukt SKU: 12VJW01YCQ0000001V0191,99 Ebay mfg F.J.Saxler
remodeler remodeler
Moves 5k lbs.
Works well. Make sure you order/request the upgraded mounting bracket.
Crocus Crocus
Maniabilit et performances
Pour le d_lacement d'une reporque porte bateau. Mais pas encore mont ni essay le produitl
Adi Martell Adi Martell
Trully simple & easy ro use.
Very good piece of equipment this. Easy to fit & seemingly very robust. Moving the caravan with this jockey is so simple its unreal. The touch of a button & your away, able to turn on a sixpence both forward and back, there is total control of the unit. My only gripe would be the solid wheel. Very good for most jobs but gravel & softer ground would be better dealt with by a pneumatic tyre. I will live with that for now though. Great piece of kit.
ndavicourt ndavicourt
Once you figure out how high to crank tongue lift, works great.
Purchased this to move my 4,000 ln Springdale travel trailer on flat ground. Bracket setup only thing I was not happy with. Got a bolt that used hex wrench to tighten , and hold mover stationary in bracket. Found that by lowering tongue of trailer as low as possible , there was less problem with jack moving in bracket with better results. On gravel put 2x6 under wheel to keep it from digging down in a hole. Amazing torque, once a figured out best way to use it, very happy with results.
Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
Muy bueno, tira por mi caravana muy bien, entrega r_ida, todo ok.
Mr. P. G. Dickinson Mr. P. G. Dickinson
Design fault let a good device down
The powered Jockey wheel moved my caravan easily up the slight slope of my drive, however try as I might I simply couldn't get the poorly designed mounting clamp to tighten properly on the shaft of the mover. Whatever I did to tighten the clamp failed. I think the main problem is the curve of the fixing clamp which fouls the head of the bolt as you try to tighten it. A much better system would be to supply the assembly with a lever like the normal jockey wheel clamp has which would allow you to tighten the clamp properly. As it stands moving forward and reverse makes the mover slop back and forth in the bracket, which I'm sure must be causing some damage. I may try to find someone to produce a lever for me to solve this issue which spoils a great item.

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