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Eliana Eliana
so meditative
wow! I LOVE this instrument. it makes the person playing and the audience fall into a trance from its beauty.
Eye am Happy Eye am Happy
The steel drum is nice. Louder than what I thought it would be. It came in a nice case with instructions. I am enjoying trying to learn songs and make up my own melodies. A good "first step " instrument.
Pacha Pacha
Great Expectations
Item was exactly as described. It is beautiful. I wish there was a link to video for novice players.
katibelle katibelle
I have never played an instrument but I have learned how to play a couple of songs on it.My cats love it
Brittney Brittney
Beautiful instrument.
Your browser does not support HTML5 video. If you are wondering if it_ worth it, it is.It has beautiful sound and it_ comfortable to use.
Kristy Welch Kristy Welch
Resonant sound! Even better than expected!
I did a lot of research because I didn't want to get a piece of junk as this was a gift. Upon arrival, the recipient started playing right away. The sound is booming! Great quality, big in size and sound. Great quality!!! You will be pleased!
OldDocKing OldDocKing
I'll get back to you on the "easy to learn?" part...
Sounds great. Some of the "key's" seem to have mellowed out as the unit got warm, but it still mostly sounds great. Still have no idea what the black plastic/rubber thingies are for nor what that weirdly shaped piece of wood is for, but I will. One day. Did appreciate the gift Kalumba(?).
Lori Lori
Nice tone
This drum has soothing and unique notes. It's not a typical drum. Adults and children alike can enjoy playing it, making their own tunes or using the included booklet for starter songs.
Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
Great sound
Love the sound. My daughter loves it
Tibbies Tibbies
Perfect gift
Purchased as a gift for a friend and she loved it.

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