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Diana H. Diana H.
Edited to 5 ??, Terrific customer support! White 13 note drum two notes were dead - Rectified!
Edited to 5 stars. ?????????? Vendor reached out to me after contacting them and after presenting them a video how it played, they sent me a new one. I have to say the were very courteous and accommodating. I would definitely do business again! The SOUND ON THIS DRUM IS INCREDIBLE, and goes right through you - instant gratification and well worth the price after much investigation for this price range. Original post: Overall, the instrument is made well, came well packaged, and on the tongues that work, the sound is really incredible. The vibrations go through your whole body, and give a sense of immediate peace. However that was interrupted when two of the higher octave tongues were dead. As I have been able to make all the other tongues work great (each tongue has a sweet spot for that perfect tone), and I am a musician, I need all the tongues to work. Waiting for the seller response and if I can get it exchanged for a new working one, I will change my rating to five stars.
Veronica Treacy Veronica Treacy
Great for children -adults the same great investment
Andrew Waterman Andrew Waterman
The perfect gift
The recipient of this unique gift was thrilled!
Carl Carl
The amazing drum. ??? If I could give it more stars I would. ?? ? ? ? ?
On the first day my kids and I played it for hours. My son is a musician so he checked to make sure it's was in tune. It was. The drum itself is beautiful and looks well made. After some ground rules I let my little girls play it. They are 10 and 5. The carrying case looks well made also. There was some extra pieces that came with it and no materials list, but I think they are for your fingers if you don't want to use the drumsticks. There was also a hard plastic thing that I think goes on the shoulder strap for the carrying case. It also comes with a book of music.The tone of the drum reminds me of wind chimes. I love wind chimes. The wind here destroys wind chimes. I don't have a music background, but that doesn't matter. It's impossible to make it sound bad. In my opinion.My daughter said "Whoever made this drum is a genius." I agree, it's brilliant.My brother bought this drum first after he did his research, he said it was a great drum. He was right.
aries aries
Fantastic sounds super good. Especially for $100 it really sounds better than my $300 guda drum
Pretty incredible for $100 this is fantastic. Makes me smile
Juan Aponte Juan Aponte
A perfect gift
Perfect gift. Sounds great.
jrmorgan45 jrmorgan45
Exotic Sounds
Bought this as a gift for my wife. She loves lt.
Perfect bday gift for a music lover!
My husband plays this like 5 times a day now, he loves it! The sound is soothing and fun. This was his favorite birthday gift! Score! Plus the portable bag really helps because he can play with his family and friends when he wants to. Great quality, sturdy! Mallets are good too! Comes with finger numbs too if you would rather play that way.
delphiniumeve delphiniumeve
Fun and Easy
Still portable but large. Nice tones. Going to get a couple of song books. Price point was great. Can refine tuning if pitch is slightly off.
Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
Slow shipping, but great product.
This would make a great gift for any beginner.Tones are actually excellent (surprised me).If out of tune, there are instructions on how to retune it.If you are hunting for a small xylophone or just interested in music....this is a deal.However, one word of advice, shipping is extremely slow. You will have to wait on shopping.

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