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C Knowles C Knowles
Yes, this is a good machine, the instruction though...
TL;DRThis is a great machine - for the price you cannot go wrong.Full Review, and Answers to QuestionsThere are more words in this review than in the description of the product itself - so buckle-up, this is going to be a long one.To understand my review, you need to know a little about me...I am a DIY'er, not a professional user. I have used MIG and ARC before, but never TIG or Plasma.I needed a Plasma Cutter, so I watched the videos on the cheap units, and when it came time to buy, I saw this.It includes a TIG welding function, and I am interested enough in adding that to my tools that I spent the extra _60.Description.The Description is awful, and mistake ridden. Without going into the spelling and (ab)use of the English language, there are some glaring problems. This unit has an LED display, not the LCD stated (this is actually better IMHO). The images show "Flux Cored Wire". You do not get this, and you would not need it anyway (that is for MIG welding, and this is NOT a MIG welder).I have no room to talk when it comes to spelling or grammar - so don't correct me - but this product description is really bad.What I got.The Machine itself, ARC/MMA 20-120 AMP, TIG 20-120 AMP and Plasma Cutting 10-30 AMP.A Pressure Regulator for the Plasma Cutting function (more on this later) and some related fittings.Hose and hose clips for attaching the hose.Grounding Clamps and lead.TIG torch.Some TIG consumables.The most pointless face shield ever.(Something that looks like) A wire brush / de-slagging hammer.An ARC/MMA electrode holder.Plasma Torch.Some Plasma Consumables.Some paper marked "instructions", which seem to be designed to frustrate.And for the UK a DANGEROUS Mains Plug Adaptor (more on this later too).What I did not get:ARC/MMA Electrodes.TIG Electrodes.Argon Gas.Argon Regulator.Foot Pedal.Filler Rods.A built in compressor.(I was not expecting things on the latter list, I'm just listing them so you are prepared...)MMA/ARC.I tried the ARC/MMA function, although it has been 30 years since I last used one. It worked just fine, and produced perfect results.TIG.I have never used a TIG before, although I have done MIG welding for a living. There was loads of bits missing, which you will need to get. I collected all of these together (Argon/Regulator/Electrodes/Filler Wire) because I wanted to try it. It does indeed work, but how well I have no idea. All I learnt was that I need a lot more practice before I ever show anyone a TIG weld I have done. The connector at the front panel is 2-pole, so you will not be able to upgrade this is a variable foot pedal.Plasma Cutting.This was the original reason for the purchase. Once you have it setup it works beautifully. I have been practicing on 0.8mm steel, as I have a job for that. I also had need to cut 5mm steel, and like all newbies to Plasma ended the cut with a WOAH! To use an over-used phrase, this thing cut through 5mm steel like a hot knife through butter. I also tried some 2mm box section, and had vari
William Howard William Howard
Great service
Arrived ahead of time, nice little unit. Great service
Gustav Coetzer Gustav Coetzer
Good ?
Good product ?
William Randall William Randall
Does what it should
Purchased mainly for the plasma cutter function. Originally bought the 30 amp cutter version, but it was inadequate for me. The seller worked well with me to return it and get this model. The stick welder works well, but a haven't used the TIG. I get clean cuts on 5/16 steel. I have used it on a trailer rebuild.

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