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Val Val
30 L
When you first plug it in it takes a bit to cool but other than that this cooler is amazing
Extremely quiet
R.Palm R.Palm
40 L
sehr gute Kühlbox
habe mich lange mit der Anschaffung einer Kompressor Kühlbox beschäftigt. Eingeschossen hatte ich mich auf die Kühlbox von Plugin Festivals. Bei langer Recherche im Internet bin ich auf drei Baugleiche Kühlboxen mit verschiedenen Labeln aufmerksam geworden. Auch die Internet Seite von Vevor hatte ich gefunden, jedoch hatte ich mich nicht getraut dort zubestellen. Als ich dann wieder über diese Box gestolpert bin, und zwar hier bei Amazon dachte ich was solls, ich bestell die nun doch. Immerhin ist sie fast 100,-€ billiger als bei den anderen Anbietern. Lediglich der Korb fehlte. Also bestellt, und die Box kam gut verpackt und pünklich bei mir an. Box ausgepackt und gründlich in Augenschein genommen und ausprobiert. Was soll ich sagen, es handelt sich hier um absolut das gleiche Teil. Sicher kein Nachbau, eher kommt die aus der gleichen Chinesischen Manufaktur wie die anderen, lediglich mit anderem Label. Die Box funktioniert perfekt, und ist auch nicht sonderlich laut. Beim ersten Test kühlte sie innerhalb von 30 Minuten von +21°C auf -10°C und weitere 30 Minuten später war sie auf -20°C runtergekühlt. Desweiteren funktioniert sie auch mit der App von Plugin Festivals. Alles im allen bin ich höchst zufrieden mit der Box, und vom Preis her unschlagbar. Klare Kaufempfehlung von mir...
kent washington kent washington
50 L
so far i love it
im running this on one deep cycle battery that gets charged for a few hours in the evening. it works great have it set at 39. it does make noise but isnt loud sounds like a very small fan running itll hold a gallon of milk sandwich meat cheese jelly ribs a 12 pack and still have room.
Steven Steven
40 L
Brilliant fridge/freezer
I originally ordered one of these because I wanted one that I could just run as a freezer as I already had a 3 way fridge. But I was so impressed with the performance that I decided to buy a second, to run as a fridge, and sell the 3 way. For my first trail I used mains to get the temperature down to -16 then switched over to the eco setting and connected it to 180Ah truck battery, it ran all day long until I finally switched it off before going to bed. The 3 way will only last for 6 hours on the same battery. Used as a fridge it is deep enough to store bottles of drink and spacious enough for all my needs. Absolutely ideal for a camper van or a boat, but it's efficient and compact enough to fit in a car.
DB777 DB777
40 L
A solid purchase and exactly as described.
After doing a lot of comparison shopping on all similar coolers listed on Amazon. I went with this one and I'm really glad I did. One of the first things I noticed, even before considering this unit, was that it was the only one given an "A" rating on Fakespot. Meaning all the reviews were real and honest. So I felt comfortable in getting the same satisfaction with this product as other reported.I was also very impressed with the performance of this unit. I was amazed at how fast it cooled down and how quiet it is! I plugged it into an AC outlet and after 3 mins it was getting cold already. After letting it run 20 minutes, it was ice cold. I noted the tempurature before starting and I calculated it to be cooling at one degree every 40 seconds!I also did another test using the DC connection (all electrical connections come with the unit). The DC mode took a bit longer, but thats to be expected. It is important to note the compresser will need to run about six minutes before you start to see the temperature going down. The starting temperature was 68 degrees (room temp) to start. In 10 minutes it dropped to 64 degrees. Another 10 minutes brought it to 46 degrees and the final 10 minutes got the temperature to 32 degrees (you can set this lower). So it dropped 36 degrees in 30 minutes. Pretty good, I'd say. The power usage was 48 watts while running. After it attained the desired temp, it only kicked on for about a minute every 20 minutes. Its super quiet too.Another thing I noticed that was not in the description, but might come in handy. The hinges and door chain are interchangeable so that you can easily change the opening direction of the lid. Meaning if there are space constraints while tailgating, for example, you can put the long side into your vehicle and still conveniently access opening the lid.Overall its a great cooler and everything it claims to be.I'm glad this company hasn't resorted to fake reviews like so many others. If you purchase this unit, I hope

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