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Axel Axel
Very happy with this wind turbine
combined with my solar panels it keeps the battery,s full what i lose during the night hours when solar is not workingset up is easy it all comes in one box bolt / nuts blades nice , only wish to now if there are spare blades .
700w 24v 3 Blades Wind Horizontal Turbine Generator Kit + Charge Controller
Eduardo T Guerrero Sanchez Eduardo T Guerrero Sanchez
Dis you know were i can get the base for the pole?
I still can get the adapter to affix the wind turbine to the Pole, can someone point me were to find it , or i need to make my own?
Gerrit Gerrit
Molen gemonteerd.
Ik heb de molen snel en netjes ontvangen. vandaag heb ik deze ge?nstalleerd.Laat de wind nu maar waaien ?.
Graeme Graeme
where can i buy a mounting pole to fit.
I'm thinking of buying this unit.
Gilberto Gilberto
Know what to buy with this product and it will work great.
I like this turbine because it is very light. I connected it with a GTI. I had to purchase a new rectifier to connect it to the grid tied inverter. Overall I am very satisfied.
700w 24v 3 Blades Wind Horizontal Turbine Generator Kit + Charge Controller
Paul ossitt Paul ossitt
Boxed very well
Fantastic product boxed well, all parts there...After reading the reviews I was worried but.AMAZING good qualityYes you need wind. That's why it's a WIND turbine100 % Really good......
Tom Tom
You do have to come up with a mounting system for it as it doesn't come complete with a pole
Mounted it on my boat, I don't use it much because it does produce a great trickle charge.
Marenzi Luca Marenzi Luca
Eolico in aggiunta al fotovoltaico
Ho aggiunto questo generatore eolico ad un impianto con due pannelli fotovoltaici, per integrare la produzione di energia in assenza di sole. La turbina robusta, facile da installare se si ha un minimo di manualit. Unico fattore un po' negativo che per caricare ci deve essere tanto vento, perch se non gira, tipo elica di aereo, non produce un voltaggio sufficiente. Tutto sommato visto il prezzo contenuto sono abbastanza soddisfatto, considerato il costo di una professionale.
700w 24v 3 Blades Wind Horizontal Turbine Generator Kit + Charge Controller
Does what it says it will--also good backup for solar panel systems
Vendor very conscientious. Now have 3 of these machines for night-time or stormy weather when solar not so effective. Mounted on 8 foot long, round, pressure-treated posts with 4-5 inch lag bolts--solid! Can go higher than 8 ft but you'll need an extra pair of strong arms and a way to firmly secure. Would like more of these machines for around the ranch. /KSR
James R Terrell James R Terrell
Five Stars
Arrived ahead of date posted and works great.

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