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Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
small pyramid roll
Good buy for the price and made well for the price it is a light gauge roll not for heavy material I still have not used so I will have to do another review later but as from what I see it should work well
Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
Works great for home projects
The slip roll is well built and worth the money
Francisco Gomez Francisco Gomez
Bending roller won't roll - mediocre design, but works fine
First off, I wasn't expecting much, just needed it to roll up some sheet metal which it does out of the box. Swing roller was missing the key so I had to make one. Roller finish is pretty rough and the bending roller doesn't really want to roll due to design. I disassembled, cleaned and lubed all the joints with good grease and it works pretty well. I also spun all the rollers in my late to smooth the surface before reassembly. The bending roller still won't roll without help, but it doesn't mar the piece as much since the roller is smoother now. Was going to make a bronze saddle to support that roller and see if that lets it spin freely. I bought it figuring I'd have to mess with it so it was a good buy, except I have some China buyer's remorse... Gets me in the metal rolling game at least
ed ashworth ed ashworth
Sheet metal
Rolls 160z copper nicely!
Burg, Horst Burg, Horst
gute Beschreibung und Bild
ich bin sehr zufrieden Freundliche Grüsse H.Burg
wobobabue wobobabue
Schade das es keinerlei Beschreibung für das Gerät gibt. Man muss also erst einmal versuchen wie man die einzelnen Rollen einstellen muss. Sonst aber sehr gut geeignet um, wie in meinem Fall, Aluminium für eine runde Abdeckung zu fertigen.
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