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martin Sisam martin Sisam
28 x 14 cm
Fantastic product great price.
Compared to the $1500 leather clicker this is a great option. Adjusting the height takes a little bit of time and it is a bit difficult to use for stamping. But for cutting with a die it works perfect. It is very heavy and has a lot of oil on it when it arrives. But for the money and a little patients taking the time to adjust it before you cut this will save you roughly $600 to $1000 over a name brand clickers.
THeckman THeckman
28 x 14 cm
No instructions, pressure isn_ evenly distributed.
There were no instructions at all. We had to figure out the correct adjustments and how to achieve it.I like the machine but you have to have your die under one side or the other. You can_ have it in the middle or it won_ cut clear thru. There are rust spots on it, as well.
28 x 14 cm
Works great and saves time!
Works great! The wooden crate it was shipped in was a little broken when it arrive. This press is heavy!!! I use it to cut bows and earrings. Saves so much time!!!
Speakeasy Rob Speakeasy Rob
18 x 12 cm
Best Press for the Price
This Press works great, especially for thin leather. This is a great option for anyone doing leatherwork who cant afford the $4,000 Weaver press. It is simple and easy to maintain. My only complaints are that the main plte can come loose and getting your hand in to tighten the alan screws can be a challenge. Also the wrech they set was not the right size and would strip the bolts. I just used one of my own. But honestly, this thing is perfectly simple and does exactly what it says it does.
Trevor Hickens Trevor Hickens
26 x 15 cm
Solidly Built
Update: See video. All better!!You can see my video for my full review. In short: This is an incredibly heavy, incredibly durable machine. It_ going to be a fantastic press: Once it works. :-(Out of the box, there was a small metal tab missing from the crankshaft that allows the bearing to turn and press the plate down. But since that bearing is not there, the entire plate comes down lopsided and at an angle. You can see it missing in my video.No instructions, which is fine. It_ simple enough to figure out how to assemble it. The screws are on there tight but you can loosen them with some elbow grease. It comes with a wrench that works for the screws. It also comes with a white press mat so you don_ damage your dies.Planning to contact the seller about the missing part. Will keep this updated.
JCLproject JCLproject
This is nice!
If you not looking to spend couple thousands on a presser this is the way to go.
Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
La mejor compra que he hecho. El vendedor, es un encanto. Muchas gracias!
Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
28 x 14 cm
Worth the price
Very sturdy, it took a bit of getting used to because no instructions are provided
Seiha Heng Seiha Heng
26 x 15 cm
Reliable Customer Service and Easy to use cutting tool
I order this cutting tool for my leather workshop. The order during Christmas time is not easy. There package was stuck on the way. The seller is friendly and very helpful to provide extra information about delivery status. I wait a little bit longer than expected delivery date but it worths every cents. I have used the cutting tools for a while. Practical and convenience. Easy to install and the tool is quite heavy so that I press with my wooden cutting block without much effort. Save me a lot of hassle with hand cutting piece per pieces. This tool is a life-changer for handicraft /leather workshop instead cutting by hand piece per piece. Quite happy. :-)
William Sadler William Sadler
Great Entry to Clicker Press
I_e been wanting a clicker press for a while, but like other reviewers I didn_ really want to spend $1,500. I decided to try this one since it was under $300. It was fairly easy to set up. Instructions really weren_ needed as it_ simple to operate. I_ sure it takes a little more strength to pull the lever than more expensive brands, but I still wouldn_ say it_ difficult. I used it with 3/4 dies to cut leather from 2-3oz to 6-8oz, and it works great. This machine saves time and in the long run it will save money. I_ using pre-made dies from International Dies in Gainesville, GA and they work perfectly with this machine. Highly recommended this clicker press.

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