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Emil Trufin Emil Trufin
Gray 50 L
Vevor Fridge 50l
Very usefu Fridge! I usit over a month and I LOVE it !!! I usit on 12v and 24v and IT work very good!
Jersey Prestige Jersey Prestige
Gray 35 L
Quick and easy service
Responded very quickly - well packed and good quality. The Bluetooth is difficult to engage. Overall very satisfied, Thank you.
Amazon Customer Amazon Customer
Gray 35 L
4 days use
Liked the solid feel ,ease of use and the fact our 120W solar panel on cloudy days was able to keep things cool over 4 warm days and not drain the 120AH battery too much.Very quick drop to set temperature on initial set up on AC supply at home. 23 to 3 deg C in 15 mins.Also we ran it overnights in camper van and it did not disturb any sleep. Soft shushing noise only.Didn’t like and needing a review the instruction was the fact we set to -6 for last two days but no freezing took place even trying Eco and Max settings.Generally happy with purchase but would be much happier if we could get it to freeze on DC.Very good value compared to others if it keeps going and gets stuff frozen when required.
Nicu Nicu
Gray 30 L
The product is ok, the only thing is not ok is the power socket cable. It will lose 1,2V in it. So, if you have 12 volts in battery, the fridge will have 10.8 Volts and will stop, to protect the battery. And this is not ok.
Peter Peter
Gray 40 L
I hesitated days which size is perfect for our family. Prefered this size to use cool 1.75 liters size bottles. Received 4 days after payment. It works perfectly, it can cool down at least 10 liters of beverages. I had no experiance with professional equipment like this, it works very well. Application is very helpful. We used it on our tour to Greece and sometimes we almost overcooled our drink. Highly recommended...
Mark Mark
Gray 15 L
Car freezer 15L
De beste aankoop voor onze vakantie in Italië. De freezer werkt perfect, bij 32 graden buiten temperatuur zijn de waterflesjes binnen een paar uur ijs en ijskoud. Op eco stand is de freezer stil. We zetten de freezer regelmatig op -8 om de 0,5 waterflesjes te laten bevriezen. Er passen 15 0,5L waterflesjes in de freezer. Wel heb ik een extra fan (oude cpu fan) boven op de fan in de freezer geplaatst en deze in serie aangesloten zodat beide fans op 6v langzaam draaien en geen geluid meer maken.
Sean Brosnan Sean Brosnan
Gray 55 L
Excellent product a bit expensive but you get what you pay for. The app is very easy to use, and energy settings suitable for all power supplies.
David Peacock David Peacock
Gray 20 L
Fridge freezer
Great product fantastic value
Amazon Customer Amazon Customer
Blue & White 22 L
Really quite when temp is reached you can set it to a fridge or freezer by the temp button better than anything i had so f
Gary Cooper Gary Cooper
Gray 30 L
Fantastic fridge. Been in my van for over three weeks now great for work and holiday. Not flattened my battery and keeps my food and drinks nicely chilled. Not tried to freeze anything just use it as a fridge. Maintains a nice +5 Highly recommend these fridges.

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