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Katherine Palmer Katherine Palmer
Blue & White 22 L
A camping delight - a mobile fridge that_ really cool
I ordered the Kitgarn 22L as a replacement for our old Waeco / Dometic 21l tropicool which was a great cool box but wow, this 22l compressor fridge/freezer is fantastic. It arrived quicker than the advertised lead time too. We loaded into our camper van, plugged it into the cigarette lighter and switched on. within 20 mins it had dropped the temperature down from the ambient 23 degrees to 3 degrees. The battery saver settings ensure you don_ drain the main vehicle starter battery which is also very reassuring. My wife_ champagne was nice and icy cold by the time we arrived At the campsite so she was very happy too..!The unit it_ self has a LG compressor that is very very quiet so even when it_ in the van while we sleep, there is no noise issues with fans or compressors going all night long. The controls are simple and easy to use and the overall build quality feels really good And it is a sturdy piece of kit at an exceptional price. I have now been using the fridge On the mains power for two days at a campsite and all be moving on so will have to plug back into the camper batteries shortly.I am very very happy with this Kitgarn portable fridge and am so far very impressed With it. I will update this when I get home to the UK later his month on how it went after a longer period but I_ expecting great things.....UPDATE - Sunday 9th August 2020. I have now been using this fridge for a month as my main camping fridge in some of the warmest weather, regularly hitting over 30 degrees and this little fridge just kept problems on the 12v connection either with the battery protection section on _co low setting and still my beer was frosty cold. An absolutely excellent fridge. Well done.
Richard Richard
Blue & White 22 L
KITGARN 22L Compressor Portable Small Refrigerator
This has now been working in my van for a few months. It is very quiet and very frugal on amount of current it draws. the solar panels have easily kept pace. I am very pleased that I purchased this Fridge/Freezer.
ffronk ffronk
Gray 55 L
very noisy
working ok /but very noisy/cant help feeling noisy fan fitted to cover noise of compressor n system/had a very similar appliance a waeco by dometic/you had to put your ear to appliance to hear if running/however costs£200 more/
Ron Ron
Blue & White 22 L
An excellent product.
I bought this as a standby for the fridge in the motorhome. Luckily just in time for the motorhome fridge to breakdown.Initially there was a problem with the electrical connection. This was resolved easily and the supplier was most helpful in this.The fridge is excellent on mains voltage but less so on 12 volt. Since most of our journeys are 3 hours or less the unit manages to maintain a reasonable temperature (rarely more than 10 degrees loss).It will not allow a standard bottle of wine to be upright.It fits all the fresh produce we need for at least 3 days plus butter sauces etc.I would recommend this product.
Stephen Grzybowski Stephen Grzybowski
Gray 35 L
The product is good value however I found a little on the small size but overall very good,alittle slow in coming as this from Checkosavia ,good service
Paul D Paul D
Gray 50 L
Very efficient and gets down to below freezing very quickly.
I have this connected to my motor home using 12V only. It seems to use very little power and will cool down to -15 from 24 degrees in around 15 minutes. So far I am very impressed. The quality of the product seems very good and everything looks premium quality.

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