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Vevor Air Diesel Heater 12v 8kw For Car Trucks Motor-home Boat Bus Can

Vevor Air Diesel Heater 12v 8kw For Car Trucks Motor-home Boat Bus Can

Single Tuyere LCD Switch (Orange & Blue)

Customer Reviews

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Ivan Řezníček Ivan Řezníček
I already have one heater, I'm satisfied, I ordered another oneI already have one heater, I'm satisfied, I ordered another heater, it's practical, the small size works quickly, it doesn't take up much space
Liam McDonnell Liam McDonnell
Great heat for a 8 m x 5 m shed. Heats up fast. Would recommend the all in one 8 kw heater. Lcd could do with being more up to date and more instructions provided.
Jim Jim
Single Tuyere Black LCD Switch 2 kW
It's reliable and works fine. However it's the very basic lcd controller and the basic heater control board. This means that there is no advanced menu to alter the fan speed to the cycles per second of the fuel pump. In short you can't fine tune it. It won't work with an afterburner controller because of the basic nature of the controller board and lcd controller. If you want to use it with an afterburner controller then you need to replace the motherboard and the lcd controller which will cost you about £30 in the UK. The controller that comes with this unit has 3 blades on the lcd fan picture. The lcd controller that works with the afterburner or let's you alter fan speed to fuel pump rate has 6 blades on its lcd.
P Barber P Barber
Single Air Outlet, Black LCD Switch 2 kW
Takes the chill off of your bones
Great little heater, yes a bit more pricy here than direct but I needed it quick for a trip to Scotland. Fitted and tested all fine. Performed as expected on tour and is more than enough for a camper van.
VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
Single Air Outlet, LCD Switch, Black+Greey
These heaters are pretty much all the same. This is one of the better ones, with a controller that is easy to use compared to others
Gmc Gmc
Single Air Outlet, Black LCD Switch 2 kW
I have now brought a couple of these heaters as they are fantastic value, however I’ve noticed that the Quality control is not as it was however saying that I have fitted 5 and I will say everyone has worked first time, unlike some that I have fitted where I’ve had to change glow plugs/heat sensor. They have changed the lcd controller and there’s no instructions about it but it does come with the remote control. So overall they work well and cheap.
Paul Paul
Single Air Outlet, Black LCD Switch 8 kW
Works very well unable to set clock etc instructions not easy to follow but work's ok would definitely buy another
mlchael conroy mlchael conroy
Fast delivery easy to fit works a treat. Piped it into my kitchen It’s a big room and it’s keeping it nice and warm saving a lot on home heating oil as I don’t have to heat the whole house just for one room. Also as it’s 12vdc if there’s a power outage I can still use it.
Kevin morcombe Kevin morcombe
I bought this 5kw heater for a friend he liked the blue type controller i recived a black square lcd controller he was not that amused but accepted it any way . The heater was easy enough to set up it would be easier if vevor had already installed a fuel filter as it arrived with none as red diesel is a dirty fuel and could cause problems with blockages . Later after use priming fuel line was easy enough. Heater fired upnfirst time plenty of heat this heater needs plenty of volts 13v ish to run properly if not smokes like a bi**h E10 errors . I use the 2kw vevor heater i use a 13.8v Cb radio power supply works perfect. On my 2kw i have also tweeked fuel start settings from 2.4 to 1.6 top end was 4.2 now 3.5 heater runs clean i have been running this for my third year when in summer i open heater for a service atomiser is clean no tar glow plug a quick clean ith a wire brush new gaskets . Inside burn chamber is near spoltless no coking or soot a quick spray with carb cleaner and a wire brush a rinse .reassemble ready for next winter use . A good reliable heater pity the other german heater was not as reliable as the Vevor
Daddypew Daddypew
Single Air Outlet, LCD Switch, Black+White 2 kW
Amazing value
Very impressed so far, fired up with no issues, installing in my garage for some winter warmth, quality looks to be very good for the price. Fan was catching on first use, minor adjustment sorted.

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