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Vevor Air Diesel Heater 12v 8kw For Car Trucks Motor-home Boat Bus Can

Vevor Air Diesel Heater 12v 8kw For Car Trucks Motor-home Boat Bus Can

Single Tuyere LCD Switch (Orange & Blue)

Customer Reviews

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stusurks stusurks
3kw heater
works very well. fairly quiet. pump not noisy at all. economical to. going to star using red diesel. easy to use. easy to set up . what`s not to like. i would deffintely recommend one. i use it in my camper van and its very good. possibly a bit to big for the van but hey ho.
James James
Spot on so far
(Mine is the 5kw version) Some of the bits feel a little cheap but then it is cheap. But so far so good. I���ve got mine heating an 18ft by 10ft wooden workshop and it does this with ease so I���m really happy with it so far. I may upgrade the fuel line and filter at some point just for slightly better quality ones. But if you���re fairly handy then they���re easy to fit and commission. Like I say I���m really chuffed with it so far, for the money it���s spot on but time will tell if there are any issues. One thing I would always recommend around any fuel burning appliances is a carbon monoxide alarm just to be on the safe side.
Jari Seppänen Jari Seppänen
Single Air Outlet, LCD Switch, Black+Greey 8 kW
I need manuaal for my hester, pleace, send it for my email. ............................... Jari Seppänen
Martin Martin
Single Air Outlet, LCD Switch, Black+Greey 8 kW
Better than exsoected
I bought this to warm up part of our house and it's fine amazingly well. We warm house up with central heating, turn it off and use vevor heater to keep house warm for the rest of the day. Works a treat.
Walter Walter
Mycket bra
Perfekt att värma garage, nöjd med värmaren,
Dave L Dave L
Single Air Outlet, LCD Switch, Black+Greey
Feet warmer
Bought this for my shed/workshop. Works great but needed the extra add on of ducting to reach down to the floor, so now i have two ducts blowing across the floor and one on my bench that can be adjusted. gives out plenty of heat and after a few mins of running need to be turned down to lowest setting of 1. Plenty of videos available to watch of fitting and usage. Cheaper to run than gas or electric heaters at this time.
Kevin Fraser Kevin Fraser
Single Air Outlet, LCD Switch, Black+Greey 8 kW
I am very impressed with the consept and ease of use but i do think the suppliers / manufacturers could have provided me with the actual fuel supply pipe with the Kit. I see newer kits come with the upgraded hard line fuel pipe but i think quality control missed my package contents check. That was my only negative about the product
Kristo Kristo
Good heater for its value
I like it , recomend it for beginner user for shure, transport was really in time and no waiting for it , youtube gots many turtorials For remote controll it may vome With tifferent display and controll unit it depends. I use it in my regular work shlas campervan.
Family Family
Keeps the shed warm
We are very pleased with the 5KW Vevor diesel heater. My wife wanted some heating in her craft shed and the prospect of running a fan heater at length didn���t appeal to my electric bill! The heater was delivered after 2 days (as opposed to the 7 days advertised). The supplied instructions are not very clear or easy to follow, but there are plenty of YouTube videos to guide installation. The fixing kit included all the bits needed for a installing in a van (the normal application) but for the shed we wanted to mount the heater on its side (see photos). This is fine as long as the glow plug (and wiring outlet) are on the top of the unit. A separate 12V / 15A /180W power supply (available from various suppliers on Amazon) was used to power the unit. In order to strengthen the shed wall and protect the wood from heat of the exhaust pipe an extra metal plate was added to the outside wall as well as the supplied plate on the inside. The fuel tank is mounted outside, round the rear of the shed.On the negative side I have to say the unit is quite noisy both inside the shed and outside. The fuel pump clicks continuously and the burner fan sounds a bit like a jet engine. On start up there is a bit if a diesel lorry smell although this seems to clear once the unit is hot. Following suggestions that strawberry scented 2 stroke oil in the fuel helps with the smell, I added some to the diesel (2%) but it���s too early to tell how well it works. I am also somewhat sceptical that the unit is producing 5KW of heat, but it was able to warm the shed to 20 C even when it was sub zero outside so I it meets our needs. The unit came with a remote control (though it wasn���t supposed to) which means it can be turned on from the house. The challenge was finding instructions that applied to the version of the controller that was supplied.Overall it has been exactly what we hoped for, although time will be needed to confirm reliability.
Gareth Gareth
Fantastic machine!
To be honest I never read the reviews before buying. It was only after the order had been placed that I saw some folk were not happy so this made me very nervous. The parcel arrived 4 days early which was great. Unpacked added fuel and wired it up to a 12v30a power supply and it worked perfectly. The video instructions on how to use the controller provided in the question section were simple and clear so thanks to the person who posted that! Would highly recommend this unit.

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