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Vevor Air Diesel Heater 12v 8kw For Car Trucks Motor-home Boat Bus Can

Vevor Air Diesel Heater 12v 8kw For Car Trucks Motor-home Boat Bus Can

Single Tuyere LCD Switch (Orange & Blue)

Customer Reviews

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aristoklis aristoklis
8 kW
Πολυ καλο
Πολυ καλο αλλα ακριβο σε σχεση με τιμες Αμερικη και Κινας ..........................................................................
David watkins David watkins
8 kW Single Air Outlet, Black LCD Switch
Dose wat it says on the box
Warm my shed up
Razvan Razvan
Diesel Air Heater
I was skeptical when on the day when I've ordered the heater (December 6) that the order will reach me within the specified term on the webpage (8-12 december, weekend included) but I was shocked today, 12 december, when I receive a call from the courier that he has a parcel for me. 5 stars for the delivery 2 stars for communication. Was really really hard to get in touch with you! Overall I will buy from you again and I will recommand your store to others. Thank you!
Neil Neil
8 kW Single Air Outlet, Black LCD Switch
Overall pretty impressed with the unit, I opted for this as it has all the elements in a box, albeit a tin-like box. No issues other than the expected (!), poor manual, but not too much of an issue and You Tube fills any gaps. I have it coming into my kitchen/diner through a vent and the battery is trickle charged from a solar panel - the only (minor) issue I've had to date was not with the unit, but the solar controller cut-off voltage setting which switched it off, but again You Tube saved the day ! If buying again I'd go for the model with 4 clips instead of about 12 screws, that's it really...
S. S.
Working heater with fast delivery, but manual is hard to decipher.
Ordered heater for installation in garage workshop. Package came fast, in good condition. All parts were included, as described. Setup is in essence fairly easy, but unfortunately the setup requires research on YouTube. This is because the manual (which includes "instructions" for several types of LCD controllers) is very hard to understand (English language issues), the printed symbols that are supposed to guide the reader are unintelligeble due to printing issues, and it contains some out-right errors in the button codes. When the correct setup (based on YouTube guidance) is performed, the heater works very well.
Keith Holmes Keith Holmes
8 kW Single Air Outlet, Black LCD Switch
-10 outside but nice n warm in the van defo a good buy
Juri Vassiljev Juri Vassiljev
Very fast delivery! The claimed power is not real. The device does not produce 8 kW of power, but at best 4 kW:-( The remote control doesn't work, but it doesn't matter. The price and quality correspond. Thank you very much! Очень быстрая доставка! Заявленная мощность не является реальной. Устройство выдает не 8 кВт мощности, а в лучшем случае 4 кВт. Пульт дистанционного управления не работает, но это не имеет значения. Цена и качество соответствуют. Большое спасибо!
Syd's other half Syd's other half
vero diesel heater 5kw
item look good have not fitted yetpromt service and good delivery
Tony Sutcliffe Tony Sutcliffe
8 kW Single Air Outlet, Black LCD Switch
I have not have chance to fit the heater as I purchased for a project over Xmas. The delivery was quick with no damage. The only negative comment is that there are 2kW and 8kw heaters advertised on the site so by purchasing a 8 kw, I thought I was getting a bigger heater when the heat range us actually 2 to 8kw. So it appears no different to the 2kW heaters advertised. Vevor may be able to confirm this.
Lars Lars
5 kW Single Air Outlet, Black LCD Switch
Great little diesel heater
A really nice little heating system for very fast heating. It does use a bit of fuel at highest setting, but at high setting it's very fast and hot. I usually turn it down to level 2 or 3 after the room get's heated a bit.

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