S. B. S. B.
Poor instructions, incorrect hardware, but grudging endorsement, anyway
This rolling mechanic_ stool works as intended, but it_ overpriced for the quality, the instructions are poor, and some of the hardware isn_ ideal. But it_ surprisingly compelling, anyway.The directions are just a diagram. If you are handy with assembling stuff, you could probably put it together without even looking at the directions, but for someone like me, I would have liked to have had things better explained. You get four large washers and four small washers, and they are lumped together as the same item in the instructions. I figured out that the screwhead that goes with them would go right through the large washer, so I put the small washers next to the screwheads. But then the big washers seemed a little big for the nut that goes on the other end, too. It works, but it doesn_ seat completely like it should. I think it should have been eight small washers.The casters are difficult to get started in screwing into the frame. What finally worked for me was screwing them in from on top (holding them upside down) and being careful to keep the screw very, very straight while applying a little force. Shouldn_ have been that tricky, though.There are multiple little irritations about assembling this thing. You do get the wrenches and screwdriver you need, though if you have your own tools, those will probably work better.The two side trays just set in there. They stay in place okay except if they get bumped or if you pick up the stool. Then they fall right out. Bad design.The drawer is okay. It doesn_ lock in, either, but you_ have to tip the whole stool forward to lose it.The seat part is designed well. It_ comfortable, especially with the cushion in place.The casters roll fine. If you_e on a smooth floor, you can move around pretty easily. I inaugurated my stool brushing our dog. He likes to squirm around and get closer and closer to me, making it difficult to brush him. I usually brush him standing up so that I can move around, but it_ a killer on my back after a while. With this stool, I could back away from him and maneuver around easily. And the trays made a good place to stash the hair I pulled out of the brush. Quite honestly, I wish I_ gotten something like this for brushing our dog long ago. And I can only imagine how many other tasks this is going to make easier.I can_ get the brakes to engage. They probably do work, but it takes more force than I_ willing (or possibly able) to use. Those could definitely be designed better.I was so irritated by those poor instructions and hassles of assembly that I was going to give this two stars. But then when I actually used it, I really liked it, so I thought, okay, fine, three stars. And then I went to find something better, and, quite frankly, I couldn_. So that_ why I_e bumped it up to four stars. I found some mechanic_ stools that were half the price, but they didn_ have the curved seat that this has, which makes it more comfortable and also helps you to keep it under you as you_e scooting arou
Antigone Walsh Antigone Walsh
Low Down
This stool is handy if you are working close to the ground. Fiddling with a car, working under a sink, are usually awkward and uncomfortable. This stool was easy enough to assemble. The cushion is comfortable and it rolls smoothly. The trays are rather flimsy but they and the drawer do the job. The stool is mostly plastic but seems sturdy. So far I am pleased with it.
steve steve
Works well.
This works. Hope it holds up is all. Not that it's cheap. Just plastic in a shop gets beat up quick and easy is all. Time will tell.
Parts of this feel really cheap -- it was missing 4 washers for instance -- and the drawer in the bottom is really cheap/thin plastic. The wheels and main body feels good. The little trays that clip in on either side are ok, but pretty thin/cheap as well. The foam cushion is decent and holds on ok.
Katawampas Katawampas
Easy Assembly, Moves Well
This was easy to assemble but it was missing 4 washers. It comes with wrenches to assemble so you won_ need any other tools. It is sturdy for a plastic stool (300 pound weight limit) & the wheels are sturdy. The cushion is a nice thing to have & the cover zips off so you could probably wash it or replaced the foam cushion. The plastic bins are cheap but they are handy & they lock in place.We are using this in our cabin which has a 4-foot basement in the area with the furnace & water heater. This will be handy for repairs & just moving around without banging our heads on the floor beams.
Immovable World Immovable World
Feels very solid, I don't doubt the weight limit
This review is for the VEVOR Mechanics Stool. It has a alleged 300 lb weight capacity and I don't doubt this. I'm a bigger guy and am at around 2/3 of the weight limit and it feels very sturdy. I usually like to get things that are closer to 300-400 lb weight limit because I figure they are built better and should last through some abuse. It comes with a pad for the seat that you attach with buckles. It also has 2 trays that sit in the bottom of the unit, more on those later. They provide you 2 wrenches as well as an allen key to build this which is nice but they are not good quality tools. Another person mentioned not having all 8 washers, I am in that same boat. It included 4 of the smaller washers when it should have included 8 of them.This requires a bit of assembly out of the box but nothing too bad. I had it together in less than 10 minutes. I used thread locker on the threads personally, especially the roller ones. Those were difficult to get tightened because the included wrench does not fit where it needs to go. When putting this together make sure you put both locking wheels to one of the wide sides. If you have them on the narrow end then this thing will just spin around in circles and will not actually lock in place. I guess this may depend on how you plan to use the stool but for me I will be sitting on it the wide way with the 2 trays at my sides. The instructions are very spartan and only tell you where to put 4 of the bolts. After assembly my hands smell really strange. I think there was some oil coating these things so wear gloves if that is a concern for you.The drawers and other storage. It has one drawer on the front that is thin but could hold some various tools while you work and need a place to put them. I like the idea behind this. The trays on the outer edges technically clip in but just barely. They have a lip on the back that sits over a metal bar. There is nothing holding this in place but the "clips" do an okay job. I would like to see this made a little more robust here.Rolling around on this stool it feels very sturdy to me and it is holding me up great. This will be wonderful when working on my car as I am about to upgrade the suspension. Previously I would just sit on the ground and it was always tough to get back up in a tight space like the garage. This should help a lot with that as I can get up from the stool much easier than the floor.
Alex Robertson Alex Robertson
Well worth it!!!!!!!!!
Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Easy to assemble all I had to do is put the wheels on and bolt the wheels and the brackets to the main housing that was already put together

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