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Customer Reviews

Mrs. Covington Mrs. Covington
Works great!
Bought these for my mother. She loves to cook. When she has her dinners, you can_ tell her nothing!!!! Her spread really looks great. None of the pans came dented. Stainless steel material. Highly recommend. Now I have to complete the whole set of pans she wants.
Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
Achat re?u en tr_ bon _at et qualit la hauteur du prix
Qualit la hauteur du prix.
Anthony Anthony
Stop doing to much.
You don_ need it. Just turn around, go to the dollar store and get their_. It a great product. But if your the average person thinking oh I_l take out out very family gathering, your not.
maria maria
Excellent product
They are great good quality and very complete.
cs cs
Great purchase!
Before renting these I decided to check out purchasing my own. I am so happy I did!! My daughter just had a baby and with birthday parties, holidays, etc. it is worth the investment!!
Rose Warner Rose Warner
Will buy again
It is what it says it is . No disappointment. I it was worth buying
Vanessa Taylor Vanessa Taylor
Very nice Chafers!
Really nice set, nice look and definitely serves the purpose.Easy to set-up. I ordered it for my son's graduation party and use it once. Originally, I was going to rent it but I would of paid the same amount for it from a local rental company. The trays are not as deep so you will have to refill often but it was worth it for the price.
ashley pruitt ashley pruitt
Great buy! Looked nice and worked great!
They were perfect!!! I bought themFor my baby shower and they looked nice and worked perfectly! We were going to rent these but for the price we decided to just buy them and I_ so happy we, did especially since Thanksgiving is around the corner! Great buy!
Ayesha Germaine Ayesha Germaine
These are actually some really great pans they turned out to be very nice we use them for our catering company and I was really pleased with the product
Jubyda Kabir Jubyda Kabir
Good purchase!!
Nice product. Came on time. I found a spoon and a tong in each box.Thanks for the gift!!There are plastic around the pans...very hard to take off.I ordered 8 of them. 4 of them are slightly bigger then other 4. So it too while to find it out as they have to be accurate for crewing the right stand with the right gas holder.I have used it already. I find its the best serving set for parties as i didnt had to warm food over and over again. It looks gorgeous when food is served but not delicate to handle.

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