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eQc eQc
Better than Expected
The actual drum set exceeded expectations! And, soothing low tones.
ValBlu ValBlu
So happy i went with this. Im not a musician, just love sounds. There are many of these available some have only 6-8 notes but are small 5-8". And there are more notes 11-14 maybe even more if possible but on a larger size 10" and up. I have lots of different instruments to play with so did not want to get a big one, plus apartment is small. So i found this brand. Trust me when i say i was did a lot of research and browsing before i commited. I went with this seller, and bought 11 notes in 8" size. I could not be happier!!! Depending on how you are holding it it will be louder or clearer or more silent and dull. The sound is really good, but it is in comparison. If you are in a huge room full of ppl it might not get to the end of the room but if you have a circle of 10 pll or so it will resonate beautifully!!!! You get all the necessary items inside, book, mallets, finger playing mallet, holder, case w strap. I went for this as they were selling out and disappearing in all the colors. So act fast!!! Only 12" will be left, which im sure wony be bad as the sound should be even more beautiful!! And def worth the price for what you are getting compared to others!!
P Dunaway P Dunaway
I read many reviews before buying this one.
I love the 12 inch size. Many reviews noted the 10 inch was tinny. 12 inches gives more room for resonance. It came perfectly tuned and I didn't have to make any adjustments. Perfect C scale. I would buy from this company/brand again.
melholnyc melholnyc
Fantastic buy!
I love this drum. The sound is amazing. RH
Sharon B. Sharon B.
Pleasant sound
This has a pleasant sound and is very sturdy steel. I gave it four stars because the case smelled of mildew when it arrived and still does. Tried to post this before but the review disappeared.
Good product
I love the sound and portability
Catherine Catherine
Exquisite little instrument
This is a beautiful little instrument! The sound is tranquil and ethereal for sure! It's super simple to play too. I got it for my meditative practices, and it doubles as a sensory tool for my toddler. He loves anything music, but the discovery that he can make music with so many things in life is the best part to witness as he grows. Watching/listening to Mowgli (yes that's his name) play this piece is such fun and just as relaxing as my own solitary meditations with it.
jgn jgn
GREAT drum at Best deal ever!
Absolutely suprising how beautiful and fun it is to play this instrument! I purchased the 8". Since it was inexpensive I didn't have big expectations but hoped it would be simple to learn so I could join in with small jam ssession at family and friend get togethers.It surpassed all my expectations. I loved it so much I purchased the 12" pan and can't wait to learn more complex tunes.This will make a fantastic gift for anyone at any age.
garrett garrett
It_ a steal for the money. It sounds great and it fairly easy to store thanks to the carrying case.
Tamera Fitzgerald Tamera Fitzgerald
Love this drum!
My son has autism and his music therapist used a similar drum on some therapy days so we looked into getting a smaller version for our home and now we both love to play in our music room. It has a very lovely sound

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