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Tomáš Sojka Tomáš Sojka
Yes this is the best CNC. The best quality and price. Ideal for cut and engrave relief. Thank you Vevor.
Vlatko Vlatko
Thank You ! I was pleased with my first order ... Then I did order same again (just to have some spare parts) ... Today, I received my second order ... Thank You !!
Rebelz Rebelz
Fab little machine to learn on. Within 2 days I was making 3D carved items, it’s slow, and a little vibration noise on harder materials like acrylic, but works great.
vasy vasy
router 6040
Un cnc foarte bun usor de folosit am avut ceva probleme cu pompa de apa pt racire dar am rezolvat acest aspect . Per total asi face treaba de bani astia . Am sa mai revin si cu alte comenzi !
Kennet Kennet
Helt OK Maskin !!,, Billig ! ,,Bästa pris !!,, Kommer helt klart att handla på den här siten fler gånger. !!! Snabb leverans , även hit till Sverige !!
Paul Paul
cnc initial impressions
New to cnc, this is my first purchase. Easy enough to assemble, although the mach 3 software only installed from usb stick, would not install from CD. I bought this model as it appeared a little more substantial than the 3018 variants, with a seemingly more powerful spindle motor. End uses I had in mind on purchase were to cut oak parquet blocks accurately for an intricate non-linear pattern, maybe mill/drill pcb's, and make/cut out front panels for hobby electronics enclosures, hopefully from 2/2.5mm aluminium with the right end mill. Speed is not important, this is not for commercial use for me, and the computer control should be better than me with a drill press and dremel....So far, I have successfully carved text into, and cut out blocks, from 18mm mdf with supplied bits, using a free trial of easel to generate gcode. An enjoyable learning curve for me, but just getting started, so not pushing limits as yet. Initial criticisms are that the clamps are pretty woeful, the m6 hex bolt head with wing nut doesn't hold well in the aluminium v track, and I'd like to have had limit switches, or at least terminals on the (slightly noisy) control box for adding limit switches later. Came with an ER11 1/8in collet, and a few simple bits, carve and end mill, to get started. Overall, then, a worthwhile purchase and I'm very pleased with it so far. I found the video of how to setup helpful, but do expect to do some reading around. It seems stable, its pretty well built, and comparatively good value.
kischmeide kischmeide
Sehr guter Service
Schnelle Lieferung. Passendes Preis / Leistung Verhältnis. Gut erreichbarer Support. Nett freundlich.Hier kauf ich gern wieder ein.
Denis Weale Denis Weale
Great CNC entry platform capable of useful sized projects
Vevor unit came with everything needed. Build was trivial and software all there. A good "English" manual provided. No unexpected import issues and great feedback when I asked. Now going though learning curve of usage.
Snappy kc Snappy kc
6040 CNC
Item was easy to order and dispatched next day, delivery date as promised. As this a heavy item it will take two people to move it. Very pleased with overall quality of the machine, rigid construction. Would definitely recommend it .
Steviemasher Steviemasher
MY first CNC machine
Great little machine for getting started into the CNC world. Buy Direct for best price . I've only had this a few week and have been cutting out letters and numbers from scrap pallet wood and this machine handles that without any issues. Everything you will need to get started IS in the box and for the money I am very happy with it... Delivery is quick get 1 and enjoy

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