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mr jones mr jones
awesome, it works!
so far so good, it is kinda solid, only got as far testing the motors in x/y/z & the spindle. using it with WINDOWS 10 & MACH3, to get it working with windows 10 & mach3 I bought a Pokeys thingy, '' USB CNC controller replacing LPT - PoKeys57CNCd25 '' which is it works, seems solid, and works with mach3 on windows 10 via usb, if you're buying one I'd recommend you also get the Pokeys thingy.
Loui Moshi Loui Moshi
Check for broken parts while unpaking
The delevery and the machine went smooth, good contact thank you for that.The spindle clamp is broken by ballbering hole , so look thrue everything when you are unpacking. Send a masseg for the seller to se what he got to say about that.Otherwise i have no other issuse to tell about, it is what it is and its a solid material.little update: problem solved and replaced more than expected, trusfull seller.Good luck with all screws and happy milling.
lorin lorin
pouvoir communiquer
probleme documentation en anglaisinstallation du logiciel .on ne peut pas l'installer une deuxi_e fois sur un nouveau pc si le premier pc est d_ectueuxmerci
Ispanico Ispanico
Seriet azienda Top
Massima seriet azienda seria ho avuto un problema risolto alla grande ,per piccoli lavori un buon prodotto
Judy Cummings Judy Cummings
Router Rotary Axis received
The quality is excellent, the packaging is thick foam, came, everything is whole, the package, tracked all the way
HBoulton HBoulton
A first Delve into Engraving
I'm experienced with 3d printers, although this is the first time I have assembled a CNC machine as I usually purchase them preassembled. That said, I have learnt a lot just by constructing this machine by hand.It's a good idea to set aside a day or two to build everything, as this is not a 'straight out of the box' product. It took me three days in total to get anything engraved and that was before I delved into the numerous programs for designing custom projects. Once build the machine plugs straight into the computer/ laptop via the USB. Download the driver, open the attached programs and you are away.The instructions are lightweight. I received a general booklet and had to download the instructions specific for the 1600 model from the included USB drive. I had to scour youtube for a few tutorial videos from other CNC users to get everything just right.Something that is not mentioned is the bars of X and Y-axis come 'dry'. As in there is no oil on the bars upon arrival. There is no warning to this in the instructions, which should be addressed as it can damage the bars due to friction. I had to purchase CN-40 machine lubricant separately, which fixed that issue.It will take me a while to master the programming. The accompanying USB drive has the 'Candle' software and a plugin for 'Inkscape' to create gcodes with. In my case, the inkscape plugin is out of date and the latest version has a completely different way of generating gcodes. Candle itself works fine for sending the codes to the machine. If I can find an easier way of getting my designs into gcode format, I'd be all set.On a side note, I've yet to use the laser attachment that came with my machine and probably won't be until I master the basics.Pros--Small (could be a con if you need to do bigger projects.) For me I do smallish crafting such as engraving charms. I don't have a lot of space, so something small and moveable work perfect for me.-Surprising easy to build once you know how.-Can be upgraded.Cons--Lightweight instructions.-Software choice is a minefield.
Cliente Amazon Cliente Amazon
Funciona muy bien
Funciona muy bien. No es muy complicada de montar. Trae unas fresas de punta de lanza y una lamparita (que no sé para qué vale). OJO: el láser no está incluido.
review-aw review-aw
A very good router/laser engraver.
This is a compact router, easy to build and works very well with the laser. The results so far are very good. I would recommend this as a starter router/ laser engraver. The only issue I had with it was the bed was not completely level, but soon fixed.
Finn Finn
Super Teil
Das Gerät ist, sobald es denn erstmal mit Hilfe eines YouTube Videos aufgebaut wurde echt super und für den Preis echt zu empfehle. Die Ergebnisse lassen sich meiner Meinung nach sehen. Wer Lust hat zu basteln und das hat man wohl wenn man sich eine CNC Fräse kauft sollte auch mit dem Aufbau des Geräts zurecht kommen, der meiner Meinung in den mitgelieferten Daten und Anleitungen nicht optimal beschrieben ist, hierzu gibt es jedoch genügen Schritt für Schritt Anleitungen auf YouTube. Bei der Mitgelieferten Software war es bei mir nicht möglich die xy0 und z0 Punkte zu setzen, hier ist gegebenenfalls auf eine andere Version zu wechseln.Alles in Allem TOP!
4 Axis Cnc Router 3020 Engraver Engraving Milling Machine Chrome Plate Shaft Usb 4 Axis Cnc Router 3020 Engraver Engraving Milling Machine Chrome Plate Shaft Usb 4 Axis Cnc Router 3020 Engraver Engraving Milling Machine Chrome Plate Shaft Usb
Klaus B. Klaus B.
Schnelle Lieferung und super Service
Das Gerät hatte einen Riss am Spindelträger der Z-Achse. Nachdem ich bei dem Lieferanten den Fehler gemeldet habe, wurde mir sofort ein Ersatzgerät geliefert. Super Service. Ansonsten ist das Gerät bestens für meine Zwecke (PCD-Isolationsfräsen) geeignet. Für den Preis absolut zu empfehlen.

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