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David L. Parnell David L. Parnell
I was impressed with the simplicity of the design...
I was impressed with the simplicity of the design...both as a usable tool and an educational machine to learn the principles of CNC technology. Engage your future engineers and instill DIY confidence in skills at a young age.
HBoulton HBoulton
A first Delve into Engraving
I'm experienced with 3d printers, although this is the first time I have assembled a CNC machine as I usually purchase them preassembled. That said, I have learnt a lot just by constructing this machine by hand.It's a good idea to set aside a day or two to build everything, as this is not a 'straight out of the box' product. It took me three days in total to get anything engraved and that was before I delved into the numerous programs for designing custom projects. Once build the machine plugs straight into the computer/ laptop via the USB. Download the driver, open the attached programs and you are away.The instructions are lightweight. I received a general booklet and had to download the instructions specific for the 1600 model from the included USB drive. I had to scour youtube for a few tutorial videos from other CNC users to get everything just right.Something that is not mentioned is the bars of X and Y-axis come 'dry'. As in there is no oil on the bars upon arrival. There is no warning to this in the instructions, which should be addressed as it can damage the bars due to friction. I had to purchase CN-40 machine lubricant separately, which fixed that issue.It will take me a while to master the programming. The accompanying USB drive has the 'Candle' software and a plugin for 'Inkscape' to create gcodes with. In my case, the inkscape plugin is out of date and the latest version has a completely different way of generating gcodes. Candle itself works fine for sending the codes to the machine. If I can find an easier way of getting my designs into gcode format, I'd be all set.On a side note, I've yet to use the laser attachment that came with my machine and probably won't be until I master the basics.Pros--Small (could be a con if you need to do bigger projects.) For me I do smallish crafting such as engraving charms. I don't have a lot of space, so something small and moveable work perfect for me.-Surprising easy to build once you know how.-Can be upgraded.Cons--Lightweight instructions.-Software choice is a minefield.
review-aw review-aw
A very good router/laser engraver.
This is a compact router, easy to build and works very well with the laser. The results so far are very good. I would recommend this as a starter router/ laser engraver. The only issue I had with it was the bed was not completely level, but soon fixed.
Ross Ross
impressive little CNC
Edit: originally 2 stars, now FIVE. Seller amended all issues within a week and now the machine is running like a tack. I actually managed to engrave 304L SS with a carbide V-bit. More machine than you think it is :)Original:You get what you pay for! Still in the assembly process, but 2/3 lead screws bind up and cause the stepper motors to stall. The ER11 collet retaining nut is bored about 2 mm off center causing the tools to locate slightly off center resulting in excess vibration. I_ sure I can get the lead screws to work with some white lithium grease, but the collet nut is a big disappointment.
L.calvert L.calvert
Thank you, great product.
Good machine, assembled and ready to use, comes complete with Mach3 software. This little machine has earned a positive review as I've worked the product hard and produced some amazing little carvings and components and am exceptionally pleased with the results. Tomorrow I will be making Wonder Woman her Valentines day card on a 200 x 200 x 19mm reclaimed Oak tile and that is the beauty of this machine in that it can produce wonderfully personalised gifts to loved ones, it can re-produce photographs onto wood or plastics, it can carve 2.5d plaques of text and pictures, it can carve 3d models if you ordered the chuck as well. You can do signwriting and be as functional or ornate as you choose to be. As a footnote: the item was delivered next day. Enjoy, in my retirement I am! thank you Mr Seller.
dan relf dan relf
Very impressed
A fantastic quality piece of technology. It works very well, with a very smooth finish on the job.
ToogooD ToogooD
Pretty good
The machine is really very nice. It comes fully equipped and functional. You only need something to put the water in and you need a computer with USB.It comes with ER11 3mm collet and a few bits.The spindle is very nice and quiet, the machine bed is heavy and looks strong.I have already tested on wood and if you keep the settings on reasonable levels, the results are pretty good.I recommend with both hands!
John Jefferies John Jefferies
Router Kit 2418
After a few teething problems with leadsrew & software it is now up & running well. I am experimenting with with the laser software to get the right burning times & power. Overall I'm very happy with the purchase.
colin hazlehurst colin hazlehurst
It is vary good
We like the machine alot and it was easy to put together
R. Jagodzinski R. Jagodzinski
Great little CNC machine for the price.
Was pretty straightforward to build after watching a few YouTube video_ and following along with the instructions. Be sure to get some loctite when assembling as some of the bolts do work loose when using

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