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gary watson gary watson
Incredible quality for the money
I ordered these components for a CNC router I am making. I first purchased one to see if it was of acceptable quality, then purchased two more for dual Y axis and single X axis. The packaging was excellent, each piece sealed in a plastic bag and protected from shipping damage. All the parts were there and the fit and finish outstanding. I don't have the equipment to evaluate the tolerances down to the micron level but all the holes lined up and the parts slide as one would expect.The carriages do not move on the rails without some force, primarily due to the rubber wiper on each end of the carriage to protect the ball bearings. With 4X rails and 2X carriages/rail in the Y direction, this means there is a bit of force required to move the entire assembly. I am sure the NEMA 23 stepper motors will easily overcome this force through turning the ball screw but I was surprised at the friction of the seals. That said, the assembly is so rigid that my router seems like it will have incredible precision. We will soon see!
Smooth and accurate motion
Smooth and accurate motion; fast delivery ???
Bonnie Diaz Bonnie Diaz
Great value
Very rigid and works well! The rails don_ slide super easily but that_ probably just preload on the rails. I had no issues aligning them and had no issues with binding. Great for the price!
mark d. mark d.
Good bang for the buck
Good quality. Smooth motion.
Patrick Ford Patrick Ford
Smooth Bearings
Smoth bearings, perfect fit. No complaints, exactly as advertised
John John
Good product
Used it to build CNC router. It_ very solid, good product.
Mike Oliver Mike Oliver
Excellent customer service
The product itself was very smooth and tight.The center worm screw assembly was missing.I contacted seller, and problem solved immediately.Great seller.
Kelly Kelly
Looks nice
Look nice but have not used yet
Martha Stewart Martha Stewart
1500 mm
Good Product. Would buy again
Bought to upgrade my hobbie cnc. Rails are heavy. Bearings are nice and tight. Ball screw and nut are great.
Edward Kinsella Edward Kinsella
1700 mm
DIY Router build
I ended up buying 3 sets of these to build a machine. They are performing perfectly. Would recommend for anyone doing a home project, will update after a year or so to see how they hold up but it looks promising

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