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Christian Christian
Praktisk liten ugn.
Fungerar utmärkt och är lättanvänd. Skruvade av bottenplåten för att se hur den såg ut inuti. Blev förvånad över byggkvaliteten, ser inte ut som billiga kina grejer.
Tofe Tofe
Very fine!
I have now used it 4 times - with very good results. I melt Bronze - and it melts ½ kilo in 25 minutes. It is easy and safe to use. I´m very satisfied!
Aleks Aleks
Excellent furnace in this price range. Good build quality, good heating power, melted copper so far.
Christer Johansson Christer Johansson
Great melting owen
Working great for melting brass etc.
Pete Pete
Great for beginners like me.
Simple to use, good quality. Haven't been able to melt copper in it though as it trips my electricity out at about 1000c But for Aluminium, it's perfect!
Morton Morton
Problems with furnace.
After extensive use I found it not able to melt copper. Luckily I am electronic minded .I took bottom off and found near all screws holding heater wires and thermo wires were all loose.i tighten them. And now working well.
Remus Remus
A really great device that works exactly as you would like it to. Easy to use. Fast delivery. Thank you .
Phil Phil
Good product well priced
Nice thing, manual in Chinglish but hey aren't they all. Seems like a good thing for the price!
v happy
Works well with aluminium and copper - really pleased with my purchase. Arrived a day early and well packaged
The Truth About The Truth About
Repeat Post including Vacum Chamber
This was my first major purchase from Vevor so I was a little aprehensive as to the quality of their goods. In all fairness I needn't have been, the vacuum chamber was sizeably bigger than I had in my head not being familiar with anything gallon based (being in the uk). It was plenty big enough for my usage and assembly was a breeze I cannot fault this product in the slightest. The furnace had a little kink in the outside mesh but this is purely cosmetic and affects the functioning of not one bit. I have yet to melt metal in it but I feel very confident that it will perform handsomely, the free crucible tongs that match the style of crucible are such a nice touch and save you more money on a bargain priced item. In this case bargain price does NOT mean cheap and nasty, this thing is well made and it is weighty instilling confidence in its construction.

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