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Srdjan C. Srdjan C.
Works well good torq .
Everything is as described...motor and controls are working well on 48v lifepo4s .Will be used on moped project.
Stephen Addison Stephen Addison
Works great
No instructions Did the job name and works well
Benjamin Hanemann Benjamin Hanemann
Good product
Great value for the money, very strong motor overall very nice product. I wish they would include instructions for the controller.
Jessica H. Jessica H.
Work good
It did what it need to do
Moteur mophomn1000w
J_imerais acheter un moteur _ectrique pour mon v_o avec montage mon v_o est mont avec 10Elle est pignon et avec toute les fournitures batterie comprise
Sean Vogelsang Sean Vogelsang
Upgrade for Razor MX 650, you will need to modify a couple things to make it fit.
Written by Sean Vogelsang. Bought this set up for a Razor MX650. I had to mod a lot of things to make it work. The wire on the motor has to come out the side (modified) the screws on the rear plate are in the way for the razor sub frame. I wish they recess the screws like the factory motor. (I modified this issue) had to cut the bottom bracket off on one said because it hits the frame. And I had to grind and drill a hole in the rear end to make it fit correctly. Powered by 2x 6s lipo 48V and makes the razor mx650 so much fun!! This motor is decently fast, maybe to fast for your average kid. It_ to fast for my 38 year old brother, he won_ ride it because I slid across the grass coming in hot from the street on this thing, lol!! Just buy it, it_ not to expensive and it works great. But you do have to modify a few things to make it fit for your MX650 razor scooter.
1800w 48v Dc Brushless Electric Motor Throttle Pedal Scooter Permanent E-atv 1800w 48v Dc Brushless Electric Motor Throttle Pedal Scooter Permanent E-atv
Lack of documentation, so be prepared. Otherwise great!
As noted by others the most frustrating part is the lack of documentation. You have to reverse engineer by taking the controller apart and following the wires. Even then it's a bit of luck to figure it all out. Once you wire the controller correctly it's an impressive DC motor/Controller for a DIY project. This motor has a lot of kick. Very happy with result, and has been great for the first couple days using it on a DIY go kart I've been building.Addendum: After figuring out the wiring I ran across the above picture of a similar product. Surprisingly, it appears to be the correct wiring diagram - correct number of wires, correct wire color, but use at your own risk. Hope this helps save another buyer some frustration. Good Luck!
1800w 48v Dc Brushless Electric Motor Throttle Pedal Scooter Permanent E-atv
Julian Julian
Good motor
Works very well. The battery does get hot pretty quick sometimes but that doesn't bother me too much. Very powerful.
TheWireGuy TheWireGuy
Great for DIY scooters / gocarts / other projects. Very powerful!
Had to find the wiring guide in the other listed review, and then figure out the speed switch wiring after googling it. Use for upgrading a 24vdc razor kick scooter, and powering it with (3) 18Vdc power tool batteries. Swapped out sprocket, and was easy to change. Insanely powerful (easy to wheelie and will throw off a 170lb rider) and fast (up to 25-30mph easy), great runtime (est 10mi or more distance). Motor runs very cool temp. Excellent value, would work great for an electric gocart.
Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
Very pleased
Your browser does not support HTML5 video. I would have given 5 stars but the motor package comes with zero directions. That said I know enough to make myself dangerous and reading reviews and the questions the project went well. We are very pleased with the atv. Important to note. There are a number of pig tales that you probably won_ use. One pig tale you might over look is the electric lock (labeled). You have to jump/splice or add a switch. Or the engine won_ run. I read that in my research. I would have been pounding my head on the ground if I hadn_. One pig tale says 3 motor speed. Maybe I am missing something but I couldn_ adjust the speed. The motor is very fast and powerful. I ended up making a Mechanical governor to cap speed for my grandson. Great motor, very happy. Would have liked a little more info.

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