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Jessica H. Jessica H.
Work good
It did what it need to do
Ken K Ken K
Item is exactly as pictured
Bought this product for converting a moped to electric propulsion. The kit arrived packed in a box with fitted styrofoam material to prevent damage. Everything in the picture for the product was included and was exactly as pictured. Unfortunately I haven't finished my project as of early June 2020
Doug Meagher Doug Meagher
Easy to wire up controller and motor combo DM
I had no issues wiring up this kit with the pieces that came in the box. I used four 12v SLA batteries and a junction box for all the connections. The plugs on the speed controller are nicely labeled so you know what you're plugging into. I'd suggest keeping a multimeter handy to test anyway. Can't wait to finish this build and let it rip. -D.M.
wb2.0 wb2.0
Great motor but expensive
If you know what you are doing you can install this kit rather easily plus theres plenty of tutorials on youtube for this motor kit ..i ended up putting this motor on a child's minibike this thing flies
Sean Vogelsang Sean Vogelsang
Upgrade for Razor MX 650, you will need to modify a couple things to make it fit.
Written by Sean Vogelsang. Bought this set up for a Razor MX650. I had to mod a lot of things to make it work. The wire on the motor has to come out the side (modified) the screws on the rear plate are in the way for the razor sub frame. I wish they recess the screws like the factory motor. (I modified this issue) had to cut the bottom bracket off on one said because it hits the frame. And I had to grind and drill a hole in the rear end to make it fit correctly. Powered by 2x 6s lipo 48V and makes the razor mx650 so much fun!! This motor is decently fast, maybe to fast for your average kid. It_ to fast for my 38 year old brother, he won_ ride it because I slid across the grass coming in hot from the street on this thing, lol!! Just buy it, it_ not to expensive and it works great. But you do have to modify a few things to make it fit for your MX650 razor scooter.
Paula Arevalo Paula Arevalo
Great for gokart
Really fast and strong
Edward Clark Edward Clark
This was a great kit for the price!
Powerful motor, simple to connect. Price bounced around a lot after I purchased it for $120.00
Ryan Ryan
Works well with Razor mx650
I bought this along with 12 volt battery and other things to upgrade my razor mx650. It took a while but worked well. Used to go 17 mph and now about 27 mph.
Mason pykonen Mason pykonen
Far more powerful and relativity cheap.
To be honest, I was not expecting this motor to be so powerful. The stock mx 650 can do maybe 18 mph, but with this, I can do almost 30.However, there are some small things to keep in mind. Luckily, alot of people already covered some smaller things, but I still feel this needs to be saidThe controller is verry fat. You are going to need to either find a funky spot to put this in, or extend the case out with a few washers. It's not that hard and makes a verry small diffence.Now this is a big thing. It can go even faster. Out if the box it does ~29 mph. However, there is a 3 speed wire plug that can make it go even faster. Now, I'm too scared to do this because I'm already doing wheelies (sometimes unexpectedly) but all you need to do is jump the black and blue wires on the 3 speed wires. I've heard it can typically do 34 with ease after you have done this.Lastly, the charger. If you want to keep your stock xlr charger on the side of your bike, that's fine, however, you are going to need to either find one on eBay for a 48 volt charger, or make your own. All you need is a regular 48 volt charger and an xlr cable. You are going to need to attach them to each other then you can have a charger. But my xlr cable had the 3 pin and the 2 pin switched so you might have to solder to switch. It's not that bad.Overall, I recommend this to anyone feeling up to the task. It's not that hard (other than having to drill holes in your frame to fit the screws) and it's over all a fun experience. I recommend learning to solder if you want to make the upgrade reliable and last much longer.Also, it's an awesome flex to go to leave your school going the speed limit. I always get funny looks when I'm keeping up with the flow of trafficOh yeah, it can also do wheelies. Have fun with that
Toni Macaroni Toni Macaroni
Powerful little motor/controller combo
Used this for a go-kart project and it's a great little motor for the job. Driving around for 10 minutes barely gets the motor warm, so it's got plenty of power for a go kart (can get my kart up to 25mph at top speed). It has good low end torque for a fast take-off, and even with an extra hundred pounds (my kid in the passenger seat) the motor barely noticed a difference and still had pretty much the same power. My setup is a 6:1 gear ratio (60 teeth on the wheel sprocket, 10 teeth on the motor sprocket).Connections were easy to make, and like others have said, the "electric lock" connector is what you should use to wire up an on/off switch. Reverse works well, but be aware that it does not go full speed just in reverse.If you are like me and needed to switch the direction of the motor (without using reverse), here are the instructions I found (from leafmotor blog) that worked for this motor/controller setup:For the 3 larger wires coming from the motor, you will want to wire them to the controller like this:Motor _ ControllerThick yellow wire _- Thick green wireThick green wire _- Thick yellow wireThick blue wire _ Thick blue wireFor the 5 smaller wires coming from the motor (hall effect sensor) you will want to wire them like this:Motor hall _ Controller hallThin yellow wire _ Thin yellow wireThin green wire _ Thin blue wireThin blue wire _ Thin green wireThin red wire _ Thin red wireThin black wire _ Thin black wireFor the hall effect wires, it's pretty easy to use a tiny flathead screwdriver and pop the connectors out of the harness and swap the blue and green wires.

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