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Dan W Dan W
It simply works.
This thing works. I tried a breaker bar with a 4ft extension and the lug nuts wouldn't move. Couple of turns with this thing and the lug nuts came loose. The case it comes with is pretty crappy but the tool itself is good quality.
Torque Multiplier 1:64 Nut Sockets Wrench Lug Remover Lugnuts Good High Quality
johannes johannes
Bra sak helt ok produkt rekomenterar
Bra sak funkerar bra helt ok
pete pete
hello i have bought a few things from yourselves and i still cant find any invoices the products are great but its not helping with not having invoices up to now two compressors and one multiplyer so where are the invoices? thanks peter
D. Rist D. Rist
Where can I purchase 3/8" BSPT adapters for recommended 3/8" 10K PSI High Pressure Hydraulic Coupler
All I can say is WOW! This this is freaking incredible! I work in a heavy truck shop in farm country, frequently we see rusty nuts that will not budge with our biggest tools, it's common that we have to heat or cut nuts off, this tool effortlessly broke a nut free that has been out in the elements for 20 years, INCREDIBLE! I would never have believed it if I hadn't done it myself.Fair warning, the crappy thing is the cheap chinese grease that is inside it is just brushed on the planetaries, that is not going to cut it. Take the snap ring loose, hammer lightly on the reduction side to pop the cover off the input side and pump each planetary level plumb full with the grease gun and reassemble the multiplier, DO NOT USE IT UNTIL YOU GREASE IT!
Feargal Langley Feargal Langley
Rusty nut remover
It's a fantastic wrench for removing very tight or rusted in nuts without too much effort
Alfredo Porras Alfredo Porras
Used once
Simple to use, it is setup to be used with the tools in the kit only. Can't incorporate an extention or ratchet from your common tools but I think its a good thing to not damage it. Works perfectly with what it comes.I HATE THAT I CANT KNOW HOW TIGHT THE LUGS NUTS ARE by just the tool use, the cranking does not seem to get tight, gonna get a cheater tube for my breaker bar to "feel" how tight they are. Only used one time so I cannot attest to the longevity or durability.
danny was here danny was here
Best buy
Work great use it alot with no problem.
Tina H Tina H
Happy Father's Day gift
This was given as a gift. He loves it.
Anthony Polizzi Anthony Polizzi
This product is Amazing!
Your browser does not support HTML5 video. This is one of the magic tools. It was so easy to loosen my nuts. I tried an eight foot pipe on my breaker bar and nothing. I put this on my tractor trailer Budd type lug nuts and loosened all eight of them in a hot minute. You will want to use a regular ratchet to finish taking them off but to crack them loose this is amazing!
Torque Multiplier 1:64 Nut Sockets Wrench Lug Remover Lugnuts Good High Quality

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