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JoyceAnn Miller JoyceAnn Miller
Love it
Great price. Easy to set up. The press lid is a bit hard to maneuver at times but overall I would definitely buy it again. Love all the attachments it came with as well.
karlbaby karlbaby
It ok
I don't like the swing away heat press also it didn't come with the screws at th bottom to level it.
NCBirdman NCBirdman
For the price I'm probably getting exactly what I bought, but it seems finicky at best
For the price I'm going to be fair, compared to more sophisticated higher priced heat transfer machines, I'm probably getting what I paid for, but in all honesty it's very hard to work with, there's no way to determine the measurement for the press itself, or a way to determine accuracy for the heat on the press itself. I have a heat monitor and the number on the digital screen that I set the heat to never matches what the gun says it's showing for heat. I've done a few heat transfers and the temperature seems to fluctuate from one day to the next on the same temperature setting so one day the exact same shirt with the exact same material transfers fine, then the next day I'm getting either too hot or too cold and the transfer is either not getting hot enough to lay down, or it gets so hot it's overheating the transfer and causing it to become too hot to lay down. It seems like getting into really high temps is useless I can't press a sublimation transfer at all as they require such high temperature and the machine overshoots that temperature so far that it has actually burned my shirts and I haven't had time to mentally map out the amount I need to bring the temperature down to make it work. It's kind of frustrating cause I was using this as a spring board to start my own business but I can't trust that my customer's products will be high quality when I can't keep the transfers the same day to day.
Andrei Andrei
Great service
Fast delivery Good quality product , works perfectly Easy to set up All accessories included I was very satisfied to use the product , all went well . I am happy with it , already made nice profits using it . I strongly recomend it .
Amazon Customer Amazon Customer
don't multitask
Read and follow directions. You can burn a towel if you get side tracked and don't hear the beep.
Very disappointed that I ruined 3 shirts because of the grease
Easy to use but black grease got all over my shirts
Brummbär12 Brummbär12
Bin sehr zufrieden. Tolle Presse und bezahlbar. Man kann sie auf Celsius umstellen. Und mit wenigen Handgriffen für Teller ,Tassen und Caps abändern. Für den Hobbybedarf perfekt.
lifeofmetzler lifeofmetzler
Time will tell.....
Just received this today. I feel like it's a little different than what is pictured. A few screws and three screwdriver had oxidation but I plugged it in and so far all seems to be in working order. The top plate is a little wobbly and you have to manually square it up a little to press it down but I have never owned a heat press before and don't know if that is somewhat normal. I will try to update my review after I've used this for a bit. I purchased based on good reviews of same brand elsewhere. There's no name on it though.
cynthia cynthia
There’s a few things to expect at first
When you first get it you have to leave it on for awhile preferably by a door or window so you can let it air out because the oils burn so it will seem like it’s smoking, but once it stops doing it then your’e good to go. Also I have another press and when you close it the timer starts. This one you heat it to full settings then press play and then the timer starts. I hope this review helps with some of the things to expect. As far as how it presses it’s doing just fine. Once you get past the first part it’s actually a decent press. Customer service is excellent! I recommend this company.
Sandra Sandra
Fantastico para creares tus regalos!
Hata ahora perfecto. Pero podria tener mas information sobre como usar todos los acesorios. Y podria estar todos identificados con las medidas, seria mas fail de usarlos.

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