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Achim Büttner Achim Büttner
Super, habe 2
Super Regler Wifi von zuhause oder von überall...Klasse
Voidwalker_MV Voidwalker_MV
Good value for money.
Appears to be of decent build quality, especially for the price. Performs well and provides a nice amount of information regarding solar panel output, battery status, and load. Only thing I'd change would be to have LiFePo4 battery support out of the box, but as it allows custom battery charge profiles this isn't too much of an issue.
sandra sandra
Top top top :)
Top preis top betrieb kann es wirklich nur empfehlen f_ Schrebergarten oder mobil .Absoluter hammer :)
Mustermann Mustermann
Soweit so gut_ :) Regler funktioniert gut und macht keine Probleme
evan evan
I_ satisfied customer!!!!!!
I really like the solar charge controller, really clear to read easy to operate. Easy install. I have no complaints.
Cela change des autres contr?leurs des charges !
Rien voir avec les petits contr?leurs de charge solaire que l'on trouve tous les prix. L on a affaire quelques chose qui se rapproche vraiment des chargeurs solaires PRO. La connectivit Wifi est un plus non-n_ligeable pour surveiller la charge distance.
Jorge Jorge
Great value
Great product. The SCC works well and as advertised. I was able to run panels wired in series and parallel. Quite content with the charging of the bank and it does automatically recognized 12 and 24v banks.
Kinox Kinox
HUUUGE! But Awsome
Just what I was looking for, installed this one last night, waiting for the sun to rise up and stress test it.Til now looking great.Photo: 40A and 80A versionsI Will update if anything happends.NOTE: IT'S HUGE!
40a Mppt Solar Charge Controller W/wifi 12v~48v Esmart 3 Automatic Advanced
someguy someguy
One of the few 200A controllers
Controllers that can take 150V+ are uncommon and generally very expensive. This is merely expensive. Note that it seems to only be rated for 180V though the Chinglish manual is a bit hard to understand on that point. I'm using it with about 160V of panels and it's working well so far.Programming it for LiFePO4 batteries is, for some reason, an enormous pain in the ass. It requires purchasing their monitor (MT50), then looking up the stats for the batteries, and then programming the voltages in reverse order (low voltages to high voltages). It's eventually easy yet impressively annoying. Why they didn't program a preset for LiFePO4 batteries is hard to imagine.
Paul Wightman Paul Wightman
Wasn't as big as I thought it would be. Would like to know more about using multiple units.

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