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Savolainen Savolainen
Very satisfied. Easy to use and satisfied after 1 summer use. Maybe some trip meter for use could be implemented, but good to have power from start.
Brenda Reed Brenda Reed
what to buy in vevor
I put it on and it works perfectly for me, it meets the requirement, 60th thanks to the seller, I can't put a photo, I can't, I don't know how the issue is going, thanks
karen karen
Super excellent delivery
It arrived a week before the indicated delivery and I am delighted with their speedy delivery and I give 4 stars and I will give the fifth star when I try the regulator.
Jariu Jariu
I ordered this charger because I wanted more power from the panels, I have had several pwm chargers in use. I put 3x140 panel. Fast delivery to Finland.
Achim Büttner Achim Büttner
Super, habe 2
Super Regler Wifi von zuhause oder von überall...Klasse
Voidwalker_MV Voidwalker_MV
Good value for money.
Appears to be of decent build quality, especially for the price. Performs well and provides a nice amount of information regarding solar panel output, battery status, and load. Only thing I'd change would be to have LiFePo4 battery support out of the box, but as it allows custom battery charge profiles this isn't too much of an issue.
Wanda Watkins Wanda Watkins
That it_ the most compatible for both phones and cars.
I love this thing for charging my car up, it is so amazing and small and dependable.
Steve Steve
Great charge controller with some caveats.
Setup to charge a 7S Lipo battery that I built to be a small portable system for camping and such.First, I will go through the good.The controller seems to have decent tracking speed, and is very accurate. True MPPT, and has a small active cooling fan on the heatsink for the mosfets. Display is bright, and for the most part informative. You can get pretty much any aspect of the three DC inputs 'and outputs.The bad:In order to set up the custom user profile, you have to get the RS4985 to usb cable. This is pretty dumb because you could set it up right there on the screen.No way to dim the screen, and just keep it on. I like to be informed all the time about the status of my gear.Active cooling may be a little inadequate because there is nothing to help cool the inductor. The inductor is being cycled at a high rate, and will produce some hysterisis losses on top of just current flowing.There was no manual included with mine, but I was able to find the manual online after searching high and low.
Tom Tom
Problem beim laden Ger?t bricht den lade Strom ab
Hi hab da ein ProblemGer?t baut den Ladestrom auf bricht ab f?ngt bei 0A wider an steigt bricht abWoran liegt das ist das eine Einstellung oder ein defekt des Ger?ts?
Derek Gennard Derek Gennard
Very good product.
Found it relatively easy to set up. On first use it was displaying an alarm condition but when I added a load this disappeared and never came back even with no load.

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