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Marina Marina
Highly recommended! It heats up quickly. I usually turn it on and go do chores for 15 minutes and then it's already heated up and ready. I'm not suuure it goes up to 75C as it claims to, but it certainly gets uncomfortably hot after I'm in it for 20 minutes inside. The size is super comfortable for me, I'm 150cm, I just sit indian style, without the chair, take a book in with me, a flashlight, and some lukewarm water and I have a blast for 30 or so minutes. I DO wish the head hole had zippers to it instead, I tried duck-taping it shut but I might try something else to minimize the heat from escape even more (not to say much heat escapes from it). I've already recommended this to two of my female friends who suffer from joint pain: this is a massive relief and having it at
Michaelvv Michaelvv
Good sauna stove
excellent stove for sauna. advice. precise and serious seller. update after a series of uses. really powerful. respecting the sizes recommended by the seller, in a short time it reaches temperature
RonLcca RonLcca
works perfectly
The oven with external control works perfectly. With my indoor sauna cabin with 7m² and 44mm solid wood walls, tiled floor and all-glass door, it takes about 20 minutes. up to 85 degrees. From 10 degrees room temperature. The electrical connection is clearly understandable. I recommend the connection via a separate FI switch so that the whole house is not paralyzed in the event of a defect. The controls have a somewhat antiquated charm, like something from the 90s. Operation is self-explanatory and simple. I am very pleased.
Dieter Möccstl Dieter Möccstl
Vevor sauna heater 8 KW with external control
Very good value for this price. I've had this oven for a few weeks now and so far it has worked flawlessly.
crow nikkcc crow nikkcc
perfect logistics
The shipping was really fast, I received my package on the third day.
Mike Mike
Not sure why
I put in new rocks once it was installed by an electrician and the rocks started to pop and then bits of rock flew about. Im waiting on an answer from the manufacture why this should have happened????
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Thank you for sharing this feedback with us.

We are very sorry to hear that you weren’t happy with your product.
We can see that you are already in contact with our Support Team, and we hope we’ll be able to find a satisfactory solution for you.

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Shelly Shelly
Fit for purpose
Happy with the purchase
Ojas David Newman Ojas David Newman
Site Manager Earthsprite Centre, Glastonbury UK
I found Vevor though A*azon UK and went to the website for a much better deal, My Sauna came to our site here very quickly and I was impressed with the whole use of the Vevor website being updated all the time via emails as to when I would get my order, very stress free I must say. I soon had the New Sauna replacement fitted and Sauna Heater controller that I had ordered at the same time I also priced up replacement parts for the old unit and a new unit along with the controller was in fact cheaper so a no brainer . Would I use this company again you may well ask. Yes Iv just ordered two Ovens at a very good price. Many thanks Vevor Ojas Site manager at Earthsprite Centre, Glastonbury UK
Richard Richard
Compact sauna!
Brilliant. I was contemplating a steam sauna for roughly the same cost, as the far infra-red was a more expensive option. However I found this online and bought straight away. Seemed too good to be true but thought I'd have a go. I half expected this to be shipped internationally but no.. it arrived in a couple of days and there were no charges to pay. The sauna itself is designed to sit with your head outside.. but I sit on the floor so that my head is inside. I'm six foot and it's just about big enough :) Heats up quickly, and it IS hot enough. I normally have a sauna at about 92 degrees, so I was a little worried that 75 wouldn't hit the spot, but it does. Roughly 20 - 30 minutes and I'm cooked. Best of all I've put it in the corner of the bedroom. As it's far infra red there's no extra moisture to worry about, and the heat is kept inside really well. And it's such a tiny thing it doesn't get in the way, but gives all the health benefits you use a sauna for. Recommended!
Th. Kirchhoff Th. Kirchhoff
der ofen sollte von einem Fachkundigen angeschlossen werden weil Starkstrom.
die Lieferung war pünktlich und in einwandfreien Zustand.Angeschlossen und in Berieb. von uns aus alles gut Thomas K.

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