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Andrew Andrew
Grain mill
It is foolproof: simply and sturdy design. The only part that could be better would be knotches to easily adjust the roller spacing.
Jiri Lansky Jiri Lansky
Dobrý mlýnek na slad.
Dobrá cena, po lehké úpravě plně dostačující.
Thomas J. Peterson Thomas J. Peterson
A great value. Oil filled bushings not bearings. I_l take the risk. Value brewing.
GaryW GaryW
A Great Grain Mill for the price
Great product easy to assemble. If you rush or you pay attention to detail the grain funnel will not stay together. I have put over 25 pounds of grain thru the grain mill with ZERO issues. I would have given the product 5 stars but when I ordered the mill it was suppose to come with a base. However when it arrived a small note with the instruction said that I needed to provide a base myself.
Johnny Johnny
Prima Werkzeug
Einfach zusammenzubauen. Guter Kauf. Nur beim Schoten laufen die Rollen auseinander.
Eugene Bell Eugene Bell
Priced right
What I like is the priceThe only thing I do not like is the mil adjustment is not very goodBut it does the job for very low price.Now if I was milling lager quantities I would spend more.But for the home guy it's perfect.
Abe Froman Abe Froman
Great product grab a beer to take off the blue protective film! Haha
Great product works like a champ. Removing the blue protective film was a pain in the you know what! Other than that it was awesome!
Hoot Gibson Hoot Gibson
Hand crank very difficult to work.
The grain ben doesn't stay together, had to use duck tape to keep together. Metal tabs are too loose or to tigh. The flanges above the rollers has to much space and the grain just drops thru with out being processed. I will have to rework it.
Jiri Lansky Jiri Lansky
Dobry mlynek na slad.
Dobr cena, po lehk _rav_ pln_ dosta?uj_.

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