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Manu Manu
Content de mon achat
Tr_ heureux de mon achat, correspond mon attente. Merci au vendeur. Envoi s_ieux et rapide,d'ailleurs je viens d'en commander un autre pour une amie... ?
Graystork Graystork
Very Nice Gift
Very nice instrument. Daughter is enjoying it & says it is great.
Besma Besma
Gorgeous Drum I also got a little gift ? so. Happy with the purchase.
Gorgeous Drum I also got a little gift ? so. Happy with the purchase.
VEVOR Steel Tongue Drum Percussion Instrument 13 Notes 12 Inch Handpan Gun-color
Frances M. Simo Frances M. Simo
Sounds good.
Love the sound.
S. Lee Butler S. Lee Butler
The sound is very nice, and it is easy to play.
G Pitt G Pitt
Easy percussion instrument to learn; and fun too.
Really nice instrument, fast delivery, and the best price. Glad I selected a 13 note drum. The tones are quite pleasing. Only plays whole notes, no sharps or flats, but you have to compromise somewhere. The kit was very complete with even an extra small kalimba for fun. Very happy with the quality too.
Teara McGinn Teara McGinn
beautiful sound
the sound is so beautiful and soothing. Great instrument for kids because there's really no way for it to sound bad.
farah23 farah23
Good deal
the tongue drum sounds good. it's heavy and truly has a beautiful sound. I took it out the box and played it for an hour. it's my first so I'm still learning about the notes and how to tune it. I was disappointed about the number stickers, but I guess that's how they all come ;)
Kenneth Kenneth
Great Purchase
Wow, shipped super fast. Well built and it sounds very nice. A treat for the whole family to enjoy. We were in the market for a xylophone, but with limited space, this is a great option.
Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
Very nice gift
Birthday gift for Granddaughter, was playing songs within minutes of unboxing.One thing that was disappointing was the paint chipped in one spot by the second day from one of the mallets. I hope it stops with one.The drum and the carrier are both impressive. A very nice gift.

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