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Radek Radek
Great inverter
Great piece of equipment. Have it hooked up to the 12v solar setup and managed to run 1500W saw out of it without any trouble. Only thing is the "emoji" status indicator seems to be displaying both happy and sad at the same time. Not sure what that means but doesn't stop the kit from working.
Nick Nick
Works exactly as expected. No problem driving the 900W microwave in our caravan. What more is there to say? I am only trying to make up the necessary number of characters in this review.
Pasi Pasi
Remote works nicely, low noise and good overall performance. Not as heavy as you could expect. The attached cables were just long enough To use and thick enough To trust them.
Philip Baker Philip Baker
2500 watt pure sin wave inverter
I've been using the Vevor 2500 watt 12 / 240 volt inverter for a month in my motorhome. It is connected to a 200 Ah lithium battery and has been working well. Ive used it to run a coffee machine and various other domestic devices .There is a remote on / off switch so I have been able to hide it away close to the leisure battery. It comes with two battery cables with fitted lugs. So far im very happy with its performance and it is very competitively priced!
Hessu45 Hessu45
good product but the manual should be more complete
The basic functions pf the Product are OK and fullyaccording to specs but some features are still hidden from me. The remote control does not work and I cannot shut the device off from the ON-OFF switch .I think that the fault is on my way of use and I try to find reason later on, but so far I didn't have time.
Steven Steven
Efficient inverter
So my other inverter is a Victron 3Kw one, which is a solid bit of kit, but cost me over £700 and that was heavily discounted because I bought it at a boat show. This one is only slightly less powerful, at 2.5Kw, is much more compact, very efficient (overhead of just 0.5A) and, so far, has performed very well. At under £150 it's an absolute steal. It will give a warning sound if your batteries start to drop to a low charge and then automatically cuts out, it also gives a reading of the state of charge of your batteries. None of which the Victron does, it just starts tripping out. Finally it has a remote control, so you can hide it away and switch it on and off remotely.
Jackson Jackson
Good Product
Bought for use with a leisure battery as a back-up power supply for when major power outages occur Product works well, no problems powering Television, lights, laptop, water heater, microwave oven. Only criticism is that the input voltage indicator on the LCD display shows readings which are significantly higher than actual - which makes it difficult to judge the remaining capacity of the battery The power output indicator on the LCD display seems to agree quite closely with the quoted power ratings of the items being supplied by the inverter
vevor inverter onda pura da 5000 w picco
Arrivato oggi e testato con phon potente.....nemmeno scalda o assorbe molto. Direi perfetto. Attenzione però, io ho una lifepo4 da 350A e 12v.....per cui se si vuole superare un certo carico,bisogna avere una batteria di potenza elevata.
Amazon Kunde Amazon Kunde
funktioniert sehr gut
Federico Federico
Buon Prodotto
Tutto sommato è un ottimo prodotto, l unica pecca è che già un elettrodomestico da 2000watt non riesce a farlo partire.

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