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Bobby Bobby
Very nice and heavy duty looking
I will use it this weekend. It appears to be a very good press. I love how heavy duty it appears to be a very good hamburger press.
Karim elgamil Karim elgamil
It is very helpful speeds up the process
Mr wm oriel Mr wm oriel
Quality equipment at car boot price
Proper job, all burgers turned out great,easy to use and clean.very well enginered and value for money.
Leland L. Bahr Leland L. Bahr
Now You Are Talking!
First off, I am not in the restaurant business. I bought this hamburger patty maker for home use as I like to make 5 inch replica Burger King Whoppers. Last week I made the mistake of purchasing a simple patty maker that makes 5" patties. Just a simple plunger on top of a mold. Cost around $24.00. Designs like this are a TOY!. You just can't apply enough force on those types to produce a nice round 5 inch patty. You might squeeze it out to 4 or 4-1/2 inches in some areas of the circumference. I am a male and if I can't do it, my wife surely can't do it. So today I got my 5 inch VBENLEM delivered. I tried it out and it works like a dream. It's automated and the force needed to make the patty is minimal.. I only wish I had purchased one years ago. Before buying it, I researched some other very similar units but I noticed some very subtle differences. One cost around $114.00 but it was obvious it would be more complicated to take apart. (To clean things, I want to do some disassembly and not just wipe the unit down.) (The two cap nuts can be removed for disassembly by using a 17mm open or box wrench.) As I said, I used the machine this evening. It worked like a dream and forms perfect 5 inch patties effortlessly. I made up some meatball shaped 1/4 pound or 4 oz balls of hamburger. Then I made the patties and I could easily make two patties a minute. I probably could make three a minute if I was in a rush. So I give this patty maker 5 stars! I am a cleansing nut so I do wish it had wing nuts and was a little easier to take apart to clean it. (The instructions just tell you to wipe it down after use.) That said cleaning won't be a big deal so I plan to do around 10 pounds of meat at a time giving me 40 patties. That way after storing them in a freezer, I won't have to use and clean the machine after use very often. I can see why this unit is used in many restaurants. One last thing, yes I realize this was a lot of money for household use. (A lot more then a $24.00 hand press which doesn't work very well.) But it didn't break the bank too much and works like a dream. Why spend money on a unit costing 1/7th co cost if the product won't work properly? I hesitated buying this machine because of cost, but now that I did, I realize it was a good thing to do. You only go around once! As I said, I wish I had purchased such a patty maker years ago. Buy one and you won't be sorry! Same goes for any small restaurant.
Kleyder carrillo Kleyder carrillo
Excelente m_uina
M. Houston M. Houston
M. Houston
Used twice, love it! Exceeds expectation.
Johnny Mac Johnny Mac
Good unit but needed repair
The unit arrived undamaged xternally but internally there is a bronze bearing on the vertical shaft which came loose and slid down jamming the pinion gear used to lift the press which would probably strip or break the lift gear teeth if the lever was forced. Repair required that the the unit be disambled and the bearing be reseated and held in place with epoxy. In addition the set screw which causes the shaft to rotate and turn the press away from the meat cup had to be adjusted as it was to tight and set with blue loctite to keep it in place. The unit was then tested, regreased with white lithium and reassembled. Now it works like a champ and burgers are popping out just fine.The bearing coming loose was probably caused by incorrect installation or jostled loose during shipping.If you are not interested or capable of making repairs I'd skip this purchase. In reading other reviews I suspect that others have experienced failures because of the same problems.This is a good unit when it works correctly. Its easy to use, clean and solid. It can press other foods besides beef burgers as I just made pork stuffing burgers which were great on turkey sandwiches. I would definitely recommend this unit.
rosa rosa
Easy to use easy to clean
More ease work excellent
Roy C Roy C
Great burger press
Little big but so am I. I love it
chris smith chris smith
What you need for making burgers
Have made over 1000 patties and still l going strong. I recommend using two patty papers I've on top and bottom.

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