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victor ballesteros victor ballesteros
Works great.
Crushed the original HF gun , always was a loose fit , installed this replacement gun ( cheaper than buying a new machine ) and works great definitely better than the original, very happy with it .
Excellent welding torch
Ok, my 29 year old old euro-torch had finally got to the point that it was un-rebuildable so I decided to replace itI was a little concerned about quality given the cheap price of this torch but it seems very well made. The torch head is a nice size with a good, solid feel and a good grip. I_ still getting used to the trigger having a protector at its base and it can be a little awkward to operate the switch in welding gauntlets but that_ just 29 years habit of pushing the lower part of the trigger. But the trigger base protector does mean it_ much less likely to accidentally triggerThe neck of the torch is a bit longer than the one on my old torch which is very welcome as it makes awkward areas a little easier to get toThe euro-connector meant that replacing the torch took less than a minute and all electrical and gas connections fitted perfectly with no leaksThe 4m/13ft length is much better than my old one and makes working on large projects or vehicles much easier as you don_ have to keep moving the welder aroundIt comes with a spare tip and a multi-function spanner/wrench for replacing tips and servicing the torchWeld quality was excellent and much easier than with my old, worn torch. Gas flow is excellent too. Without anti-spatter spray there was a bit of a build up but it came away clean and did not damage the tip or nozzle in any way which was a nice surpriseThe only slight criticism is that the shield gas nozzle is slightly on the large size which makes tight areas a little more difficult to get to, so I will be buying one with a smaller orifice, but there again this is a 250amp torch so a large nozzle is not unexpectedOverall I_ very impressed and heartily recommend this welding torch
Eric Barnes Eric Barnes
Seems good
I bought this to use for my own projects for making things. It looks to be made from quality material. Unfortunately I haven't bought any of the studs yet to test it out.
Francisco Javier Aguila Nieto Francisco Javier Aguila Nieto
Muy satisfecho
La antorcha tig,la e recibido antes de la fecha y en muy buenas condiciones.todo perfecto.Es justo lo que esperaba recibir
conforme a ma commande
se monte sur ma bouteille LINDE
Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
Surpris par la qualit ?
Je m_ttendais des plastiques de merde,grosse surprise ?a a l_ir costaudPlus qu_ brancher une _ectrovanne la gachette pour l_tiliser en mode liftProduit de bonne qualit pour le prix
Tig Welding Torch Wpfv 12.5ft / 3.6m Air-cooled Welder Torch Stinger Parts
Robert Michel Robert Michel
Well made
Performed as advertised. Well made.
Juan Jos Mart_ D_z Juan Jos Mart_ D_z
Buena calidad
Tiene buena calidad en la manguera quiz_ los pl_tico de la pistola se ven endeble pero me a gustado todo lo de mas
gianni gianni
La torcia funziona perfettamente.
Barbara Hunter Barbara Hunter
Good product
Just what I needed

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