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Peter Peter
This is a brilliant piece of kit and far cheaper then anything on Ebay and with it being sold by VEVOR you know it is top quality made and the materials used are all top quality products and will out live any other brand in my opinion. The fitting that you will need to buy to fit straight to the proper Karcher quick release pipe fittings are easily found and bought on Ebay. Nice long reach to get to reach upto the roof guttering making life easier and safer with not having to be on a ladder. Vevor are the 1 site that I look into if I need to order anything for any situation also, my next purchase when I have the money will be the window cleaning pole to make my life easier with having a disability and knowing it will not be that heavy and our window cleaner wanting £10 every time the windows are done whilst using a cheaper type of these window poles hooked upto a hosepipe. Anyone that may need help finding out what you need to buy message me and I will help you find the item numbers to purchase them from the same companies that I got mine from as they are the cheapest priced buy quality products. Hope this helps you out. Peter

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