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RaiseHellPraiseDale RaiseHellPraiseDale
Great motor kit!
Excellent motor with high torque!!! I used this motor to mod an old E100 razor scooter. I've topped out at 18mph (going down a hill) but I get about 15 to 16 on a flat road. When paired with a ryobi 40v 6.0ah battery I estimate I can get 6 miles of range with this on my scooter. Make sure to short electric lock.
Terry Terry
Would buy again.
Good motor , good service.
Niccol Niccol
Ottimo prodotto, venditore affidabile
Ottimo prodotto. Venditore super affidabile! Consiglio a tutti
leon baron leon baron
Sehr guter Artikel
Ich fand den Artikel sehr sehr gut
Matthew Schaefer Matthew Schaefer
Exactly what was expected
I got this Razor as a totally stripped double dare. I ordered this kit and it shipped to me in a few days. As you can see it took a bit to fit the motor. Instead of making an offset plate I used some spacers to move the brake caliper out and by flipping the brake hub. I sandwiched the old sprocket and new 80 tooth sprocket on the other hub. 4 well placed holes in the existing swing arm with some stand offs and it was set. The chain was the worse part, I think eventually I will look into switching to a heavier chain.My only complaint so far is that the motor case was a bit rusty, but nothing that stopped me from proceeding. It only cost one star....Even with the small batteries this thing moved me around. I'm currently on the fence with going lithium or lead/acid batteries, my friends ebike batteries did not have the discharge capacity to make this run to spec.I'd recommend this kit for someone that wants to take a crack at the electric powered vehicles.
Al Benz Al Benz
Well worth it!!
Works great I am using it on a Razor MX350 just had to make a few mods to the bike so it fit had to drill new holes for the motor mount and remove the chain tensioner so everything lined up, more speed and an insane amount of tourk
thomas housenick thomas housenick
bike was its hard to stay on it!!
my Razor MX650s last motor was terrible and sooooo slow. then it blew. i end up buying this bc of the deal and all i can say is wow. i wasnt kidding when i meantioned it was hard to stay on it, the bike just goes and you better hold on tight bc she gets lose
bryan leader bryan leader
Good deal
Really enjoy these parts received an extra pedal I didn't order in the package or maybe I overlooked it still very happy with this purchase.
Great product
bought this motor package for my sons E-scooter. package came right away. all parts look very well made.motor runs great very little noise.
Come da descrizione
Per ora solo verificato il funzionamento a 12v e gira...

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