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Come da descrizione
Per ora solo verificato il funzionamento a 12v e gira...
K. Bur K. Bur
Buy two and they_l make you zip!!!
Used these to make an electric Go-Kart and they work perfectly. I am 170 lbs and they are almost too much power. I will be buying these again for my next project.
Shorty Shorty
Great product
This product was delivered on time. I have began working with it and am pleased. I will be working more with the motor to see other uses for it. LR
Shawn Burns Shawn Burns
Shes a beast!!
This little motor is a beast. With a pair of 50ah gel batteriesi can take my trike anywhere. .SBThe Mayor
Oliver Noyes Oliver Noyes
Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Sick ass motor!Really sweet motor once you get it working. First, you must fuse the _lectric lock unit wires together otherwise the system will not work. Also, if it says it_ a 60v motor, make sure it has a 60v power supply!! That was a mistake that I made and it took me forever to figure out why it wasn_ working. I have a quick video of my set up and, if you are like me and you need to wire it counter clockwise, I have the spreadsheet!
Tanner English Tanner English
I recommend
This is a great motor. What_ even better is the customer service. I had an issue and they corrected it immediately.
Andy Bateman Andy Bateman
Need instructions
No wiring instructions
I had this gasoline edger I got tired of pulling the cord. This motor is perfect, now I just flip a switch. I already had the battery from my electric bike. The nut from the motor shaft fit perfectly in the pulley secured with the set screw. Just make sure it is rotating clockwise or the nut will unscrew.
dustin gyurina dustin gyurina
Plenty of power for most projects
I_ over 230lbs and the razor scooter with this motor gets me over 25mph easily. I_ using a VESC controller and still working out the tuning get more low end torque and fix throttle curve. I tried the 48v controller purchased with motor from same company and it was pulling wheelies so I believe the torque is there. It_ a perfect project motor and I would like to buy another one for another project soon.
Andy B Andy B
An excellent motor for the price, but nothing special beyond that
This is a fairly powerful brushed DC motor, but it's not oozing with power the way some of the brushless 1KW motors are. And I can say, when the manual says keep it limited to 20A, definitely limit it to 20 amps. I've burned out one of these previously and when they go, there's no reasonable repair, just replacement. Granted, I put 80 amps in to it, but literally for seconds. In no time at all the winding were completely smoked. If you want actual power in a brushed DC, go with Motenerty and don't look back. But of course, if you're serious about electric power, skip straight to a brushless rig.Do note that this motor is the classic size and will drop in place wherever this same "look" of motor will go. The dimensions aren't terribly accurate in the description.

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