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Jacqulyn Stone Jacqulyn Stone
I'm 74 years old and installed with infrequent help from 11 year old...looks nice. Was heavy for me.
Augusto Augusto
Package is real heavy.
Good product at an affordable price.
moi moi
Works and looks great
Besides being heavy, this is a great item. Does exactly what it_ supposed to do. It was easy to cut and tape down with the included heavy duty tape. No regret.
Sanjay Barun Sanjay Barun
I regret not buying this product earlier. It is worth it. Don't ignore your garage floor. Thank you,
I regret not buying this product earlier. It is worth it. Don't ignore your garage floor. Thank you,
Kmac Kmac
Garage now looks legit!
Good product for sure compared to some prices i saw, goes down easy. Very heavy. But may crack if bent. But overall awesome for the value. I got 3 rolls for this garage was just enough 25 ft by 10 ft.
C. Marcellin C. Marcellin
somewhat of a challenge for one person to separate the two rolls as they want to stay rolled up !
Once separated the floor mats went down without difficulty and since temps were in the low 80's flattened out in good time. Seem durable enough for my needs but time will be needed to verify that.
naturalbornshopper naturalbornshopper
High quality, heavy weight mat
I purchased this mat for the floor of a new shed. First impression is fantastic. It arrived well packaged, wrapped in high quality wrapping. It is heavy (2 15' lengths weighed over 80lbs!), easy to cut with a utility knife and it lays flat right off the roll. It comes with double sided tape. I taped it down along the edges with gaffing tape. It it textured light diamond plate which will help when the surface is wet. Very satisfied with the purchase.
Abdulkarim Al-dulaimi Abdulkarim Al-dulaimi
Packing and Timing
The product is very good and in best price, but what made the installation is very hard, the packing!, they did not put it in rolls, they put it like cloth package which has many wrinkles. They need to stop putting it in these types of packages and move to kind of PVC roll then the installation will be much easier. Also, they put the double side tapes inside the core which is very hard to get it out and sometimes it's damaged. I advise to install it in summer so the hot weather can fix the wrinkles or take all the packages inside the house for 2-3 days to warm up which will help the installation process. The company is good in shipping very fast, protect the package very well, very responsive to emails, and also the most important is the best price. I just want them to be perfect by changing the package to good rolls. Many thanks,
Christopher J Howard Christopher J Howard
I used this item in my food truck and it looks and cleans great!
Mr A J Summers-Glass Mr A J Summers-Glass
Good purchase and a great improvement for the garage.
First, it's decent quality so get that out of the way - well worth the price. Delivery was faster than expected but it was quite heavy and awkward to move (not an issue but worth mentioning). Being in 2 strips, I used the tape to join the lengths but in hindsight I think I would have fitted to one length then removed the backing then stick to the floor then added the 2nd stril but only realised the tape was double-sided too late! As it was supplied with 2 lengths rolled together it took a while to get the strips flattened on the floor. Looks good and a great improvement on a bare concrete floor

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