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Gary Gary
Good light weight but if kit
The item works as intended and is not heavy to carry around. Just make sure you check the tightness of the parts every now and then.
Paul Ferguson Paul Ferguson
Pumps well above it's price
I needed a pump for my PCP air pistol and I'm very happy with the results. The instructions are a little sparse but adequate if you take the trouble to read them. The immediate impression is of a well made product. It feels very sturdy and comes with replacement O rings and other bits. I must admit it takes a fair amount of effort if you are of a slender build. I'm just under 70kg and 5" 10 and can manage it ok but it does get hard when you are close to 20mpa. I've not tried other pumps so can't compare. It's worth every penny I paid for it.
ZoidbergZz ZoidbergZz
good for the price
this pump is built well and works good i use it to fill my kral and I've never had a problem with it
Adam Adam
Air rifle pump
The 3 Stage PCP 4500psi Air Rifle Filling Stirrup Pump Hand Pump Pressure Gauge is an excellent item, and is also great for maintaining the physical condition.
Conan Conan
Works well for price
I was unsure whether to buy this, however, so far, its proved good value for money.NOTE: - when putting it together, use proper spanners to get a tight fit (not the 'free' and flimsy pressed-steel one provided). I also chose to use PTFE tape on the joins, I am not sure if that's actually necessary but I had PTFE tape (which is cheap anyway) and it made sense to use it.You will also need an adapter for whatever it is you are charging.So far, so good, 45 pumps brings the pressure back up to 'full' on my HW100 - that's about 4 mins of effort. Bending the knees to apply body weight helps. I also ordered silicon oil to make sure the pump stays lubricated (£8)All in all, for my needs of 'plinking' about 50 shots a day, the pump is better than £200 on a reservoir tank and trips to have that filled back up. Its small and folds flat for storage.
Clive Clive
Vevor PCP pump
So far this has been excellent, can’t see any difference in the performance of this unit and one three times the price
Matthew Matthew
Great for the price
This is my first PCP pump and I wasn't sure about that I wish to buy one, so I chose a fairly cheap option. And I did not regret it! The pump works really well - of course time will tell how durable it is really. I was able to fill my 0.8L HPA tank to 3000psi. Yes, it is hard at higher pressures, I had to lean my whole body weight on the handle (note, I am ~75kg), otherwise I wouldn't have been able to do it. It was a nice workout and needed some time to reach maximum pressure, because I left the pump to cool down occasionally. But looks like everything is okay. It is pretty straightforward to use, it was assembled, only some screws needed tightening here and there and was ready to start working. The manual is pretty useless as mentioned by others before, but I don't see why the fuss is about how complicated is to start using this unit. I only complicated things because I read the reviews before, but then I found out that it was simple. :D I will come back later when I'll have more experience with it.
3 Stage Pcp Air Rifle
Good product quality fast shipping I'm happy, I tried it, it works perfectly, it contains a repair set, I will come back. Thanks
BasBobby BasBobby
Great product
The pump works really well on my weapon. the pumping requires a bit of effort but works really well.
Thijs Thijs
Quick, powerful compressor
There are numerous clones of this type of compressor, but I found a good price at Vevor, so I went for it. Here is what I found: Pros: The compressor comes well packed. A storage bag is also included. It is perfectly sized to hold the unit and hose. The unit feels sturdy and is all metal, except the airfilter/intake cover, which is plastic. The compressor is very powerful. It inflates small car tires REALLY quickly, much faster than tire filling facilities at a gas station (here in The Netherlands at least). The tires of a VW Crafter van are also no problem at all! The included hose is also long enough to reach the back tires. But keep your engine running and place the power clamps properly, because it will draw a lot of current! The power cables are ok. They are quite flexible. But they're not something I'd run 45A through continuously. I guess combined with the 14.4V of today's cars and the max 13.8V input voltage of the pump it all fits. The noise is quite tolerable, less than I expected. Cons: I suspect the pressure gauge is not very accurate and calibrated. it showed about 2.8 bar for my small car tires, which are at 2.4 bar tops. And for the van tires it showed about 5.0 bar instead of the 4.0 bar the compressor at the gas station showed. The air nozzles were missing. The gauge on my version doesn't have a deflation collar on the back like the manual states. Instead, it has a brass release valve on the pump itself between the air filter/intake and the carrying handle. This probably works as an overpressure valve as well, so you can you the unit for different purposes. There is no shutter near the gauge, so as soon as you switch the pump on, pressured air will flow. This is a bit cumbersome when you're working on the rear tires of a large van and there is 5 meters between the gauge and the on/off switch.
3 Stage Pcp 4500psi Air Rifle Filling Stirrup Pump Hand Pump Pressure Gauge 3 Stage Pcp 4500psi Air Rifle Filling Stirrup Pump Hand Pump Pressure Gauge 3 Stage Pcp 4500psi Air Rifle Filling Stirrup Pump Hand Pump Pressure Gauge

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