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Michael Michael
CNC 3018
VEVOR CNC 3018 Pro CNC 3018 300×180×45mm CNC-maskin GRBL Control Mini Laser Engraver med Offline Controller 3-axlig The item as promised, and if there are problems they are quick to help
Ricky Ricky
Amazing bit of kit!
Great price! Great customer service! Easy to assemble, and easy to set up. Amazing bit of kit! No need for buying mega expensive machines with this machine
Great product, easy to setup and use, suggest using inkscape to create engravings as its quite easy with the Gcode tools
Eogon Eogon
Great value
Top quality build, easy to use no problems assembling,lots of videos on you tube featuring guides ,tips upgrades and tutorials for the 3018 pro..great delivery time..
Reiner Reiner
CNC 3018 pro
Ich war angenehm überrascht von der Qualität und Genauigkeit des Bausatzes. Das Fräse Modul und das Laser Modul sind leicht zu Handhaben. Ich habe beides bis her nur mit Holz und Kunststoff getestet und habe Gute Ergebnisse erzielt. Das ein zigste was ich nicht so Gut finde ist das die Platine nicht in einem Gehäuse gekapselt ist, aber das wusste man ja vorher.
fen fen
Fenwick Walker
product arrived and was quite easy to assemble if you take your time and follow instructions. The results so far have been amazing considering the cost, the only problems have been small grubscrews coming loose which can be frustrating. I think something like loctite might cure this, All in all delighted with machine. Fenwick Walker
Rick Merrylees Rick Merrylees
Excellent machine. Building it was almost as good as using it. Shapes and burns really well, can't fault it. The only thing that would improve it would be limit switches but it works fine without. Would highly recommend it.
Nekrokefali Nekrokefali
Very nice!
Everything was as advertised and a very nice quality unit. Instructions could be better, especially for connectivity and wifi access.
mole up north mole up north
I always wanted a simple CNC machine... NOW I CAN AFFORD IT Simple but advanced CNC but I actually bought for electronics 500mW laser (included) makes Quick Accurate photo resist PCBs and swapping to the drill unit allows the holes to be drilled and "fancy" shapeing of the board to be made with ease
VEVOR CNC 3018 Laser 15w
It looks good quality, all the pieces fit perfectly. the grbl controller board does not have a dupont pin head soldered for the limit switches, we have to buy the part and solder it on our own if we want to install these switches, something simple to do but that could already be on the board. Otherwise I'm happy with this machine.

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